Diesel Engine Mechanic

A diesel engine mechanic installs, repairs and maintains all internal combustion diesel engines and components as used in transport, construction and marine.

Heavy Mechanical Foundation

The Heavy Mechanical Foundation program can lead to various pathways including three Red Seal Trades: Truck and Transport Mechanic, Heavy Duty Equipment Technician and Transport Trailer Technician; and to the Diesel Engine Mechanic Provincial Certification of Qualification.

What makes our program unique:

  1. Our instructors are OEM trained and certified Red Seal technicians, who understand the trade and how to help you succeed.
  2. Work on a large selection of on and off road trucks and equipment, and the latest training simulators.
  3. Benefit from a small school feel that puts the student first.

What you'll graduate with:

  • Heavy Mechanical Foundation Certificate of Completion
  • The in-school technical training required for Level 1 Heavy Duty Equipment Technician, Diesel Engine Mechanic, Transport Trailer Technician, and Truck and Transport Mechanic Apprenticeships
  • 450 hours of work-based training time towards Heavy Duty Equipment Technician, Diesel Engine Mechanic, Transport Trailer Technician, and Truck and Transport Mechanic Apprenticeships

Program requirements:

  • Grade 12 graduation or equivalent
  • BC Grade 10 mandatory (Math and English)
  • Successful score on Accuplacer


  • 82% of graduates from this program are in labour force
  • 69% of graduates from this program satisfied with training
  • 70% quality of instruction rated by program graduates
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Williams Lake

Next program intakes

Jul 29, 2024 to Mar 21, 2025

Williams Lake
Sep 3, 2024 to Apr 25, 2025

Oct 21, 2024 to Jun 13, 2025

Feb 3, 2025 to Sep 12, 2025

Program length

32 weeks


Diesel Engine

Program overview

The Heavy Mechanical Trades apprentice program is common training for Level 1 through Level 3, followed by Level 4 trade-specific training. Apprentices register in their trade with SkilledTradesBC and attend the required common and trade-specific technical training at TRU, depending on their pathway.

You can become certified as a diesel engine mechanic by completing the diesel engine mechanic program or by challenging the certification.

TRU offers

  • Level 1 — 300 hours delivered over 10 weeks
  • Level 2 — 240 hours delivered over eight weeks

Technical training levels required for completion of each of the apprenticeship programs:

Truck and Transport Mechanic (TTM) – Red Seal
Level 1, 2, 3 Heavy Mechanical Trades (HMT)
Level 4 Truck and Transport Mechanic (TTM)

Heavy Duty Equipment Technician (HDET) – Red Seal
Level 1, 2, 3 Heavy Mechanical Trades (HMT)
Level 4 Heavy Duty Equipment Technician (HDET)

Diesel Engine Mechanic (DEM) – C of Q
Level 1, 2 Heavy Mechanical Trades (HMT)
Note: Registration in this trade will be at SkilledTradesBC only. Apprentices complete the HMT levels at TRU.

Transport Trailer Technician (TTT) – Red Seal
Level 1 Heavy Mechanical Trades (HMT)
Level 2 Transport Trailer Technician (TTT)

Apprenticeship training dates

(updated weekly)
Heavy Mechanical Apprentice - Level 1October 15, 2024December 20, 2024KamloopsWaitlist
Heavy Mechanical Apprentice - Level 2October 28, 2024December 20, 2024KamloopsWaitlist
Heavy Mechanical Apprentice - Level 3January 6, 2025February 14, 2025KamloopsWaitlist
Heavy Mechanical Apprentice - Level 2January 6, 2025February 28, 2025KamloopsWaitlist
Heavy Mechanical Apprentice - Level 1March 17, 2025May 23, 2024KamloopsAvailable
Heavy Mechanical Apprentice - Level 3March 31, 2025May 9, 2025KamloopsAvailable
(updated weekly)
Heavy Mechanical - Heavy Duty Mechanics - Level 4September 9, 2024October 11, 2024KamloopsLimited Space
Heavy Mechanical - Heavy Duty Mechanics - Level 4March 3, 2025April 4, 2025KamloopsAvailable
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Costs for Diesel Engine Mechanic programs

Fees are subject to change.

Costs include items such as student/ancillary fees, books, personal tools and safety gear, which are kept by students when they graduate from the program.

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Accuplacer exam fee {{ formatPrice(all.accuplacerFee) }} plus GST
Accuplacer rewrites {{ formatPrice(all.accuplacerRewrite) }} plus GST
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${{ all.parking }} per day
Tuition {{ formatPrice(hdet.tuition) }}
Student and lab fees {{ formatPrice(hdet.fees) }}
Learning guides and/or textbooks {{ formatPrice(hdet.books) }}
CSA work boots, clear safety glasses, 2 pair hi-vis 100% cotton coveralls {{ formatPrice(hdet.gear) }}
Calculator, 3-ring binder, paper, pens, etc. {{ formatPrice(all.supplies) }}
Total {{ formatPrice(hdetTotal) }}
Level 4: Four weeks tuition and fees {{ formatPrice(appr.four) }}
Level 3: Six weeks tuition and fees {{ formatPrice(appr.six) }}
Level 2: Eight weeks tuition and fees {{ formatPrice(appr.eight) }}
Level 1: Ten weeks tuition and fees {{ formatPrice(appr.ten) }}
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Lyle Hirowatari

Lyle Hirowatari

Lyle has been involved with the heavy mechanical trades for over 36 years. He holds Heavy Duty Mechanics and Part Person Red Seal qualifications and his Provincial Instructor Diploma, and is a certified forklift and aisle truck instructor, CVSE inspector and instructor, and LPG/CNG installation technician.

Instructing at TRU has been the highlight of his long career, during which he’s also worked at the Ministry of Transportation & Highways, Yellow Deere Equipment Repair, Interior Roads Maintenance, IRL Truck Center and Kamloops Freightliner.

When not instructing, you’ll find Lyle golfing, kayaking, fishing, hunting, hiking and camping.

Kyle Doiron

Kyle Doiron

Brad Kozubski

Brad Kozubski