Gasfitter, Class A and B

Gasfitters (Class A) may install, test, maintain and repair propane/natural gas lines, appliances, equipment and accessories in residential and commercial premises. They are involved in the installation or alteration of any gas system, except vehicle fuel systems under the appropriate permit.

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Class B domestic/commercial gasfitter

Levels 1 and 2 of the gasfitting apprenticeship are available at TRU.

  • Level 1 — Technical training: 300 hours | Work-based training: Accumulate hours BCSA standardized level exam
  • Level 2 — Technical training: 300 hours | Work-based training: 3,000 hours

Class A industrial gasfitter

TRU offers an eight-week course in Class A industrial gasfitter. This instructor-driven offering includes classroom instruction and flame safeguard control lab sessions throughout its duration.


An applicant for a Class A gasfitter certificate of qualification must have held a Class B certificate of qualification for a minimum of two years. After completion of the training, candidates write a provincial certification exam. Exam success results in being awarded the Class A gasfitter certificate of qualification by the B.C. Safety Authority. A British Columbia certificate of apprenticeship is also be awarded.

Other requirements

Plumbing and gasfitting apprentices must purchase the required textbooks and provincial competency manuals. Students are also required to pay tuition fees while attending TRU.

Apprenticeship training dates

Gasfitter B
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Gasfitter - Class B (New Level) - Level 1August 19, 2024October 25, 2024KamloopsAvailable
Gasfitter - Class B (New Level) - Level 2January 6, 2025March 14, 2025KamloopsAvailable
Gasfitter - Class B (New Level) - Level 1March 24, 2025May 30, 2025KamloopsAvailable
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Gasfitter A
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