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Carpenters build and repair a vast array of structures made of wood, wood-substitutes and other materials. Many work for construction companies, contractors and maintenance departments while others are self-employed. Carpenters assemble and erect forms for concrete, wood and metal frame construction and use plans and instruments to prepare for excavating and shoring. On smaller projects, they direct concrete placement, and install exterior and interior finish materials such as siding, doors, windows and cabinets.

Carpentry Foundation

This program is an introduction to the carpentry trade. Students gain familiarity with the use of handtools, portable power tools and other equipment regularly used by carpenters. Students also have ample opportunities to work with the materials used by carpenters including lumber, panel products, concrete, roofing materials, fasteners and a wide variety of hardware. Theory and practice is offered to allow students to build numerous projects including stairs, forms for concrete, framed floors, walls and roofs. Students spend approximately 70 percent of their time building various projects of which the major project is a house built in the community.

Graduates receive credit for first- and second-year carpenter apprenticeship technical training. This class builds the YMCA Dream Home.

Course length: 30 weeks
Education requirements
General requirements
  • Canadian citizenship, or landed immigrant status
  • Students must supply own hardhats, gloves and boots
  • Good health
Pre-test schedule

To arrange for the Accuplacer test contact the TRU Assessment Centre at 250-828-5470. Arrangements can be made for out-of-town applicants to write the pre-test at an authorized testing centre in their community.


We offer practical and technical training in years 1, 2, 3 and 4 of apprenticeship carpentry. In most cases, apprentices are required to attend one period (six-week session) of technical training in each year of their apprenticeship. Upon successful completion of all four training years and the required number of practical work hours, the apprentice will obtain certification of carpentry qualification and will be permitted to write the inter-provincial examination for journeyperson status.

Carpentry apprentices must purchase the required textbooks and provincial competency manuals. Students must have a current copy of the BC building Code.

All apprenticeships have a waitlist. Adding your name is free, and you will be contacted when your name comes up.

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