Water and Wastewater Technology

Diploma or Certificate

As an operator in the water industry, you’ll operate and maintain water and wastewater treatment, distribution, collection and disposal facilities, and monitor water quality to protect public health and the environment. Your knowledge of chemistry, microbiology, mathematics, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and treatment technologies will be applied to operate, maintain and troubleshoot basic to advanced water and wastewater systems and processes.

What you'll learn

  • Knowledge of primary to advanced municipal and industrial processes in the treatment of water and wastewater operations.
  • Conduct source water quality sampling, laboratory analysis, regulatory reporting, data management and source protection.
  • Troubleshoot mechanical, electrical and instrumentation materials, equipment, infrastructure and facilities needed to operate water, wastewater, distribution and collection systems.
  • Operate and maintain primary to advanced mechanical, electrical and instrumentation systems used in moving and treating water and wastewater.
  • Operate, maintain and troubleshoot process equipment involved in treatment, distribution and collection of water and wastewater.
  • Manage and lead in regulatory, safety and environmental concerns within the industry.
  • Manage people, utility assets and finances.
  • Perform security, safety and administrative procedures.
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What makes TRU's program unique

  • Programming is designed to get students job-ready and TRU graduates are in high demand with employers—with courses that are responsive to current industry demand and aligned with the American Water and Wastewater Association and Canadian provincial equivalents’ competency and certification standards.
  • You’ll study at the Kamloops Centre for Water Quality, a state-of-the-art facility that uses innovative technology to provide drinking water for the city, and where you’ll experience and observe direct operations and maintenance throughout your program.
  • A multidisciplinary applied focus provides comprehensive education and training in all water industry sectors: water treatment, distribution, wastewater treatment and source protection—including industrial wastewater and collection processes.

What you’ll graduate with—certificate and diploma options

  • Certificate in Water and Wastewater Utilities (33 credits)
  • Diploma in Water and Wastewater Technology (63 credits)

You have the option to graduate after the first year and receive a certificate, or continue through the second year for your diploma. After completing the diploma, you can apply your courses towards a TRU Bachelor of Technology, Bachelor of Technology: Trades and Technology Leadership or Bachelor of General Studies.

Canada and British Columbia are facing shortages of educated and trained water and wastewater operators – you’ll be in demand upon graduation.

Graduates work in

  • Small to large municipal water treatment and distribution facilities
  • Primary, secondary and advanced wastewater treatment and collection facilities
  • Source water quality protection and monitoring
  • Industrial water and wastewater treatment

Admission requirement

  • Grade 12 or equivalent
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Next program intakes

September 7, 2021

Program length

Certificate – 1 year, 33 weeks
Diploma – 2 years, 63 weeks


Satwinder Paul
Professor and Program Coordinator spaul@tru.ca

Jason McRobie
Administrative Assistant jmcrobie@tru.ca

The Water and Wastewater Technology Diploma at TRU allowed me to obtain the knowledge and practical skills required to enter and thrive in the water treatment industry. The facility and faculty are first rate and do an excellent job at promoting learning in a hands-on environment. Jesse Harkema
Level 1 Water Treatment Operator
Metro Vancouver
The two-year diploma is an excellent training program that covered all aspects of water and wastewater operations. I'm excited and feel confident entering the work force with the skills I have learned. It was a life-changing experience for me and I had a job before the program finished. Josh Nontell
Level 1 Water Treatment Operator
City of Penticton