Bachelor of Education, Elementary


Earn a professional teaching certificate from the BC Teacher Certification Branch, qualifying you to teach in any elementary school setting—public, independent, private, religious, and First Nations—as well as secondary school. An extensive teaching practicum at selected elementary schools in the BC Interior enhances your studies.


Graduates are certified to each Kindergarten to Grade 12 in BC school classrooms – public, independent, private, religious, and First Nations – as well as across Canada and overseas where the BC school curriculum is taught.

Admission Requirements

Selective admission

  • Minimum of 90 credits of post-secondary studies acceptable to the School of Education, typically arts, fine arts, math, science, music or physical education
    1. 6 credits of English, including both literature and composition
    2. 3 credits of Mathematics (not statistics)
    3. 3 credits of Science in one of the following areas – Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Geography, Geology/Earth Science, Environmental Studies, or Astronomy
    4. 3 credits of History or Geography
    5. 18 credits of third- and fourth-year level courses in one or more teachable areas – Art, Business Education, Dance, Drama, Music, Language Arts (English, Second Languages), Mathematics, Computer Science, Physical Education, Science, and Social Studies (any combination of Anthropology, Canadian Studies, Economics, First Nations Studies, Geography, History, Political Science, or Sociology)
    6. 6 credits of Canadian Studies taken in Humanities or Social Sciences (may be included in 4 and 5 above)
    7. 24 credits of course work in a subject area taught in British Columbia schools - These include Art, Biology, Business Education, Chef Instructor, Chemistry, Computer Science, Dance, Drama, Earth Science, English, First Nations Studies, French, General Science, Geography, German, History, Home Economics, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Punjabi, Russian, Social Studies, Spanish, Special Education, Technology (Industrial) Education. These 24 credits may include the 18 credits in number 5, above.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.67 is required for consideration, but does not guarantee admission. Admission averages are calculated on a total of 33 credits, including 1 to 5 above.
  • One hundred (100) hours minimum of relevant volunteer or paid experience working with groups of elementary school-aged children must be completed prior to admission into the program. A minimum of 25 of these hours are required to be in an elementary school setting.

    For the Fall 2021 intake only, the program is waiving the requirement that at least 25 hours must be in a classroom setting due to the current social distancing regulations that are closing school classrooms to volunteer opportunities.

    If you are not able to complete all of the required 100 hours by the February 15th 2021 deadline, you can still apply to the program but your score in that aspect of the application review process will be adjusted accordingly which will impact your ranking within the applicant pool.

  • A supplementary form included in the application package asks you to describe your volunteer experiences and to discuss how they have influenced your decision to become a teacher. We are interested in how you have made connections between your volunteer experiences and what you have learned about yourself as a potential teacher. All required coursework must be completed by the end of winter semester of the year in which application to the program is made. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this requirement.

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