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Upgrade Pathways

If you don't meet the requirements for a program, TRU offers upgrading courses that can help you reach your goal. Many courses have an online version.

Campus courses

Courses are available in the fall and winter semesters in Kamloops and Williams Lake. There are two six-week summer sessions in Kamloops. » Application deadlines

Online courses

Take these courses, offered through Open Learning, at your own pace whenever you choose. Online options are shown in the course descriptions.

High school equivalencies

0400 levels
Grade 10 equivalent
0500 levels
Grade 11 equivalent
0600 levels
Grade 12 equivalent

Please check individual courses for prerequisite requirements.

Intermediate level
(Grade 10 equivalent)
Advanced level
(Grade 11 equivalent)
Provincial level
(Grade 12 equivalent)
Science 0440 Biology 0500 Biology 0600
Chemistry 0500 Chemistry 0600
Physics 0500 Physics 0600
Computing 0500 Computing 0600
English 0400 English 0500 English 0600
Literature and Composition
English 0620
Composition and Studies in Indigenous Culture
Native Studies 0500 Native Studies 0600
Math 0400/0410 Math 0510
Math 0600/0610
Math 0520
Math 0630
Accelerated Pre-Calculus
Math 0550
Math 0650
Student Success 0600

Course offerings may vary between campuses.


Kamloops campus advisor

Williams Lake campus advisor

Qelmúcw recruiter-advisor

Online (Open Learning) advisor

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