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Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Applied Data Science

The amount of data in our world has grown exponentially, and so has the demand for professionals who can make sense of it all. Data scientists extract data to create visualizations, forecasts, or manipulations that are integral to decision making across most sectors in today’s society.

The Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Applied Data Science program is designed to help meet the rising demand for data scientists and analysts, while providing specialized training in the area. This program directly addresses the provincial and national shortage of skilled labour in the field of Applied Data Science.

This program is open to domestic and international students who already have an undergraduate degree. Students can upgrade their education by developing the skill sets necessary to build a career in either the private or public sectors.

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Students will learn how to:

  • Apply statistical techniques such as regression, error analysis, statistical learning and model validation to transform data into meaningful form.
  • Use data exploratory methods to visualize high-dimensional data to identify trends and patterns in data sets.
  • Evaluate and select appropriate algorithms in a variety of data analytic stages on various properties, including efficiency.
  • Discover the fundamentals of machine learning including selecting and augmenting existing approaches.
  • Manipulate data in a variety of formats to identify answers to a variety of questions.
  • Explore, contribute to and analyze information with databases.
  • Perform a variety of analyses on common formats of data to extract meaningful information.
  • Understand and implement appropriate ethics surrounding aspects of modern data.
  • Apply techniques to collect and extract datasets.
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