Chemistry Faculty

Department chair

Trent HammerCo-Chair and Assistant Teaching Professor


Dr. Jessica AllinghamAssistant Teaching Professor
Dr. Jessica AllinghamAssistant Teaching Professor

I am an organic chemist with a specialization in radiochemistry, tracer development and medicinal chemistry. I am infatuated with the workings of the brain, drugs and improving health as a whole. I am also passionate about science communication, science...

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Dr. Lindsay BlackstockAssistant Teaching Professor
Dr. Sharon BrewerAssociate Professor
Dr. Bruno CinelAssociate Professor
Dr. Kingsley DonkorProfessor
Dr. Kingsley DonkorProfessor

My research focuses on developing rapid and sensitive analytical methods in capillary electrophoresis, chromatography, and mass spectrometry for the characterization of antimicrobial peptides, food, agricultural, and environmental samples as well as application of chemometric approaches to evaluating chemical data.

Dr. Heidi Huttunen-HennellyAssociate Professor

Multi-drug resistant pathogens are a worldwide health concern. The discovery or synthesis of new antibiotics is a challenging task. Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), often referred to as "nature's antibiotics," are one class of antimicrobials. My research group is interested in...

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Christina MohrLab Coordinator
Christina MohrLab Coordinator

Christina Mohr teaches Chemistry in Open Learning. Her teaching interest lies in practical skills development in chemistry. In her spare time, Christina likes to spend time with her family and her dog and enjoys the outdoors.

Dr. Nelaine Mora-DiezProfessor
Robert MothersoleAssistant Teaching Professor
Dr. Dipesh PremaAssociate Professor

Synthetic organometallic/inorganic chemistry and catalysis; science and law; equity, diversity and inclusion in chemistry education; accessibility in chemistry education; use of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to investigate and quantify the fatty acid composition of forage, meat and dairy...

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Lab technician

Michelle BohamLab Technician
Isaac StephensLab Technician

University instructors and sessionals

Beth AndrucsonSessional Faculty
JinGyu LeeSessional Faculty
Francis OgunyemiSessional Faculty