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BCS/BBA Double Degree

Bachelor of Computing Science (BCS) and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) double degree

Double degrees in computing and business will provide grads with a strong platform for a successful career. Whether it is working as a web applications manager at a marketing company, an information systems consultant at an accounting firm, or CEO of a new software startup, BCS/BBA students will have the combined management and computer skills needed to be successful in a high-tech business environment.

To earn double degrees, students must meet requirements of both programs. You may think this would take eight years of study (four years per degree), but this is not true. Many core and elective courses can be “double counted,” which greatly reduces study time. Through careful course selection, it's possible to complete two degrees in just five years.

In today’s job market, the extra year of study that double degrees entail could be the difference between finding a good job or not. Two degrees for the price of one, how can you lose?

Students must complete the graduation requirements of both the BCS and BBA programs concurrently. To complete the two degrees within five years, it is important for students to start planning before their first semester. Contact a BBA or BCS program advisor to learn more and prepare an academic plan.

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Students applying to both the BCS and BBA should contact Admissions. Those enrolling in the first two years of either program should consult TRU academic advising for assistance in making their course selections. All those taking upper-level business or economics courses should contact SOBE academic advising. Those taking upper-level computing courses should contact Science academic advising.

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