TRU Science

First Year / New Students

This information is for students in the new two-year program that starts in fall 2024.

Registration for ARET students opens around mid June. You will be notified of the exact date by email through myTRU. Instructions on when and how to register for courses using the web registration can be found at TRU Registration. We recommend viewing the online registration tutorial before starting.

In the tables below are the courses that all first year students must register in. Note that some courses have a lecture, seminar and lab component or some combination of the three components.

Year 1 Fall
Course name and number CRN
ARET 1102 Architectural Graphics TBA
ARET 1302 Architectural Technology 1 TBA
ARET 1502 Building Electrical and Lighting Design TBA
ARET 1602 Structural Technology TBA
MATH 1542 Technical Mathematics TBA
Year 1 Winter
Course name and number CRN
ARET 1312 Architectural Technology 2 TBA
ARET 1402 Civil Technology 1 TBA
ARET 1512 Building Plumbing Design TBA
ARET 1612 Structural Technology 2 TBA
CMNS 1290 Introduction to Professional Writing TBA
ARET 1412 Construction Surveying TBA