TRU Science

MSc Showcase

Masters of Science in Environmental Science Showcase 
March 7, 2024

We invite faculty, fellow students and the general public to attend. The purpose is to allow first and second year MSc graduate students the opportunity to showcase their work to the TRU and Kamloops communities. 

March 7 (3:30-5:00 pm) in Scratch Cafe, Culinary Arts Building - Oral Presentations: First-year MSc ENVS students provide a 3-minute talk on their research.
March 7 (5:00-6:30 pm) in Scratch Cafe, Culinary Arts Building - Poster Presentations: Second-year MSc ENVS students will have their posters on display.  You can drop by at any point between 5:00 to 6:30 to walk around, look at posters, and ask questions

Thursday, March 7, 2024 (3:30-5:00 pm) 

Student Thesis Supervisor(s) Committee Members Title 
Natalie Atherton            
Kara Atkinson            
Tanya Brouwers            
Gabriel Carpendale            
Gianna Florez Ariza            
Matthew Francis            
Devin Halcrow            
Olivier Jumeau            
John Kang            
Sylvie Lloyd            
Olivia McLennan            
Sydney Miller          
Larisa Murdoch            
Jacqueline Oliver      
Maria Patino Garces      
Jacqueline Schoen      
Sean Seal      
Shae Turner      
Rosa Valle Pinuela      
Shannon Weden      
Nesa White      

Thursday, March 7, 202 (5:00-6:30 pm)

Student  Thesis Supervisor(s) Committee Members Title
Keenan Baker L. Fraser W. Gardner, J.Church Multi-functional Pasture Rejuvenation in the Cariboo
Joseph Egeland N.Cheeptham,  K. Donkor E.Bottos, H. Huttunen-Hennelly Towards Improved Bioremediation Techniques and Equipment for Real-World In-Situ Treatment of Hydrocarbon Contamination
Kelsey Freitag M.Reudink,      A. McKellar    S.Flemming, M. Shaikh, D. Bradley
Examining Impacts of Climate Change and Habitat Loss on the Distribution and Abundance of Long-billed Curlews, a Species at Risk in Canada
Samantha Gidora L.Fraser, C. Lausen  N. Cheeptham
Investigation of eDNA air sampling as a tool for bat conservation and management: implications for mine reclamation and closure
Thane Martin M. Rakobowchuk H. Huttenen-Hennelly, L. Mourot The Effect of Dietary Salt Loading on Vascular Health
Taylor Powrie T. Pypker C. Huscroft, D. Hill, B. Heise    Local Impacts of Climate Change: Quanitfying Glacier Change in the Adams Watershed
Andrea Robinson J. Harvey    M. Flannigan, K. Iverson  Forest Encroachment Drivers, Dynamics, and Wildfire Resiliency in Interior British Columbia
Komeil Sharafi M. Tawhid    P. Tsigaris, M. Paetkau    Forest Fire Risk Assessment Using Machine Learning and Weather Data in British Columbia
Adam Soames W. Gardner   C. Taraoff, L. Fraser, G. Gielens    Down and Dirty with the Knottiest Weeds: Sterilizing Evcavated Soils Contaminated with Knotweed (Fallopia) Propagules   
Nesa White            
Lindsay Whitehead K. Larsen    J. Harvey, R. Higgins    Beating the Heat: The Effects of Wildfire on Western Rattlesnake Population Demographics and Movement Patterns   
Calen Wong K. Larsen    L. Issac, M. Patekau    Identifying Critical Habitat and Estimating Population Structure for Three Threatened Species of Snakes in the South Okanagan