Wildfires are presenting unexpected and complex behaviour and wildland firefighters in the field must adapt to these quickly shifting challenges. With more extreme fire weather, a changing physical landscape, and new fire behaviour, now is an important time to evolve previously relied-upon practices and strategies.

In partnership with the BC Wildfire Service (BCWS), TRU will renew existing training programs and develop new courses that align with critical training needs. Relevant training opportunities will be provided to all positions from new recruits to leaders.

Blending BCWS’ operational knowledge with TRU’s educational expertise combines modern learning practices with a wildfire-specific lens. Training will be research-informed and incorporate new innovations into on-the-ground experience.

First training opportunities with a renewed curriculum are anticipated to be ready for fall 2025, with a plan to build capacity to bring training into communities across BC.

TRU Wildfire is structured to ensure knowledge from training can be easily linked back to research, education and innovation.