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Tourism Management is for students who want a career where they take charge of amazing events and destinations for travellers. Check out our news feed and Facebook page to see what they're up to.

Tourism Management

Become a leader in the expanding field of tourism

Are you a travel enthusiast, intrigued by the tourist experience? Are you drawn to the outdoors, new destinations, festivals, events, hotels and resorts? You can apply your passion to build a rewarding career.

Why Tourism Management?

Bachelor of Tourism Management

Join us for one of Canada’s most distinctive degrees. Gain the skills and confidence to provide quality tourist experiences, develop and manage tourism businesses with entrepreneurial spirit, and contribute to community development in a manner that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

Resort and Hotel Management

Embark on a stimulating career that can take you from winter resorts to cruise ships, eco-lodges, wineries and exotic beachfront hotels around the world.

Sport Event Management

Prepare for an exciting career producing, organizing and managing sports events at the only sport event management program in Western Canada.

Events & Convention Management

Get set for an exciting career planning, organizing, managing and promoting festivals, concerts, conventions, trade shows, weddings and special events.

Tourism Management Diploma

Explore your options with a two-year diploma that gives you a good sampling of the specialties you can take in Tourism Management.


Choose from several specialities to complement your undergraduate studies. Advance your career or pursue life-long learning.

You will love studying with us

When traditional industries falter and economies slow down, the first response is always ‘let’s do tourism’. We invite you to do the same and come join us in studying the what, why, and how of tourism management.

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Billy Collins

Programs can be enhanced with these options:

  Pursue the Global Competency certificate to earn formal recognition for your intercultural and international experiences.

  Pursue the Leadership in Environmental Sustainability Certificate to earn formal recognition for knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes that contribute to environmental sustainability.

  Tourism Management works well with Study Abroad.

  Diploma graduates may ladder into the third year of Bachelor of Tourism Management. Earn diploma and a degree in just four years.

Questions? Phone our program advisors, Greg Simmonds or Jarita Heer, at 250-828-5366 or send email to