A post-baccalaureate diploma or certificate is designed for those who already have an undergraduate degree. It is not a master’s degree, but it is more advanced than a traditional degree. Essentially, a post-bac is an alternative to a second degree. One advantage is that it takes less time to complete than a second degree.

The post-bacs in tourism are intended for those who are seeking to complement their undergraduate studies with an additional specialization, for career advancement, for a career change, for professional development or in the pursuit of life-long learning.

Program overview

Gain a foundation of basic knowledge and skills for working in the field of tourism, as well as developing specialized knowledge and skills relevant to the area of study covered by the post-bac.

In the first year, gain an overview of the industry; understanding of issues fundamental in tourism planning, marketing, and service provision; and an awareness of central issues related to tourism’s engagement with culture and the natural environment, as well as exploring the experiential dimensions of this phenomenon.

In the second, specialized year, master research skills; gain competencies relevant for creating, designing, operating, and evaluating events and festivals; and develop an understanding of an area of study within the larger tourism field and within contemporary culture.

Post-baccalaureate certificate

Post-baccalaureate diplomas

Admission requirements

  • An undergraduate degree from any discipline
  • English language proficiency