Sport Event Management Diploma

Study sports from an event management perspective at university, and develop a diverse skill set to apply to a wide range of professional opportunities.

Learn key business skills and develop the expertise to successfully plan, market and execute both small and large-scale events in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. You will also gain a deep understanding of the economic, social and cultural impacts of sport events and sport tourism, as well as the complexities of the sports marketplace.

Theory is blended with real-world experiences—including hands-on projects with organizations such as the local WHL hockey club (Kamloops Blazers), Spartan Canada, Sun Peaks Resort, Pacific Sport and the Kamloops Sports Council.

Discover a wide range of career opportunities in the local, regional and international sports industry:

  • Planning and managing sporting, non-sporting and lifestyle events
  • Working with sports teams
  • Starting your own company managing sports events
  • Marketing and sales of sports properties
  • Managing a sport or recreation organization
  • Directing a club sport facility
  • Fundraising, marketing and volunteer management
 Sequence of study
Year 1
Fall semester
CourseCourse TitleCredit
CMNS 1810 Business, Professional and Academic Composition 3
EVNT 1100 The World of Events 3
MATH 1100 Finite Mathematics with Applications 3
TMGT 1110 Introduction to Tourism 3
TMGT 1160  Organizational Leadership in Tourism 3
Winter semester
CourseCourse TitleCredit
ACCT 1000 Financial Accounting 3
HMGT 1110 Catering and Service Management 3
JOUR 2060 Introduction to Multimedia 3
PHED 2110 Introduction to the Study of Sport 3
TMGT 1150  Marketing and Customer Service 3
Total credits for Year 1 30
Year 2
Fall semester
CourseCourse TitleCredit
ECON 1220 Introduction to Basic Economics 3
EVNT 2240  Sport Event Management 3
PHED 2140 Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity 3
TMGT 2010 Financial Operations Control in Tourism 3
TMGT 2250 Hospitality Law 3
Winter semester
CourseCourse TitleCredit
EVNT 2070 Staging Special Events 3
EVNT 2170 Fundraising for Non-profit Organizations 3
EVNT 2250 Sport Event Marketing 3
TMGT 1140 Human Resources Management 3
One of these options
EVNT 2500 Field Experience ($600 activity fee) 3
PHED 2130 Sport in Canadian Society
TMGT 2590 Entrepreneurship
Total credits for Year 2 30
Total program credits 60

Before graduating, and in order to receive the Sport Event Management Diploma, students must complete a minimum of 500 hours of relevant work experience in the sports event industry.

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A TRU Story: Ian Bolton

Sport Event Management Diploma - Spartan Organization Summer Intern

Ian Bolton
Why TRU?

It’s one of the only schools in Western Canada that offers a program of this nature. I knew some people who had attended the school in the past and they encouraged me to devote myself to TRU, that if I did my opportunities would be endless. They were remarkably accurate.

What were the highlights?

The professors. They are respectful, caring and teach real life facts about the business world. And, my course in sports psychology—psychology always interested me and to be able to combine that with my passion for sports was fantastic.

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