Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Tourism Management department at TRU.

Tourism is a multifaceted industry that involves moving outside one's usual social and physical environments for pleasure, relaxation, and recreation. It is a rapidly growing industry, and one of the largest in British Columbia, Canada, and globally.

In addition to providing accommodations, food and beverages, and transportation, the tourism industry offers a diverse range of experiences, including adventure tourism, eco-tourism, family tourism, heritage tourism, medical tourism, resort tourism, spiritual tourism, sports tourism, and more.

At TRU, our Tourism Management programs are designed to prepare students for dynamic and exciting careers in this vibrant industry. Successful careers in tourism require a customer-focused approach, excellent communication skills, adaptability, business acumen, entrepreneurship, flexibility, and social and environmental awareness. Our innovative programs are developed in collaboration with provincial, regional, and local tourism organizations, drawing on the latest research in the field, including studies conducted by our own faculty.

We believe in providing our students with hands-on learning experiences that extend beyond the classroom. Through projects, research, field schools, work placements, and student exchanges, our students engage with local, regional, national, and global stakeholders in a wide range of tourism sectors.

Our graduates are a testament to the strength and success of our programs. They are pursuing fulfilling careers in destination marketing, hotels and resorts, events, sports, recreation, and food and beverage management. Please take a moment to watch the videos that showcase our graduates, their careers, and their lives in the tourism industry.

I also encourage you to read the profiles of our faculty and learn about our programs.

Please contact me if you have any questions about our programs or the Tourism Management team at TRU.

Lian Dumouchel