Events and Conventions Management Diploma

Get set for an exciting career planning, organizing, managing and promoting festivals, concerts, conventions, trade shows, weddings and special events.

You’ll study the concept of event design, the strategic event planning process, and technical logistics—gaining the management skills needed to successfully execute any special event, anywhere.

Event management is one of the fastest growing and dynamic segments of the Canadian tourism industry. Our graduates work in a diverse range of roles including with Shambhala Music Festival, Live Nation Concerts, the Vancouver Convention Centre and Sun Peaks Resort.

Our program is aligned with local, regional, national and international event management organizations and opportunities. Discover a wide range of pathways to success in the event management industry:

  • Festival and event production
  • Wedding and special event planning
  • Conference management
  • Starting your own event planning company
  • Corporate incentive travel planning
  • Fundraising, sponsorship and marketing for special events
  • Volunteer management
 Sequence of study
Year 1
Fall semester
CourseCourse TitleCredit
CMNS 1810 Business, Professional and Academic Composition 3
EVNT 1100 The World of Events 3
MATH 1100 Finite Math with Applications I 3
TMGT 1110 Introduction to Tourism 3
TMGT 1160 Organizational Leadership in Tourism 3
Winter semester
CourseCourse TitleCredit
ACCT 1000 Financial Accounting 3
HMGT 1110 Catering and Service Management 3
JOUR 2060 Introduction to Multimedia 3
TMGT 1140 Human Resources Management 3
TMGT 1150 Marketing and Customer Service 3
Total credits for Year 1 30
Year 2
Fall semester
CourseCourse TitleCredit
ECON 1220 Introduction to Basic Economics 3
EVNT 2100 Conference Management 3
EVNT 2260 Managing Festivals and Events 3
TMGT 2010 Financial Operations Control in Tourism 3
TMGT 2250 Hospitality Law 3
Winter semester
CourseCourse TitleCredit
EVNT 2070 Staging Special Events 3
EVNT 2170 Fundraising for Non-Profit Organizations 3
EVNT 2500 Field Experience ($600.00 activity fee) 3
HMGT 2120 Hotel Sales and Service 3
TMGT 2590 Entrepreneurship 3
Total credits for Year 2 30
Total program credits 60

Before graduating, and in order to receive the Sport Event Management Diploma, students must complete a minimum of 500 hours of relevant work experience in the sports event industry.

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A TRU Story: Nicole Sihlis

Events and Conventions Management - Bachelor of Tourism Management - Founder of Created Lovely Events, Kelowna, BC

Nicole Sihlis
Why TRU?

I’m creative and I love helping people achieve memorable, positive experiences. I wanted a career in event planning so when I discovered the Events and Conventions Management Diploma at TRU I knew I found the link to achieve my aspirations. Taking the leap to leave my hometown of Saskatoon to a end TRU changed my life.

From TRU to NHL

I started my business one month after graduation. In my first year I did three weddings, managing $40,000 worth of budgets. Last year, I completed 21 weddings with five staff members, and managed $1.5M worth of budgets. I planned two NHL player weddings and booked my first NBA player client. In five years of business I’ve been featured in over 20 magazines and blogs. I’m so proud of where I’m at and TRU was a big part of that.


Tourism Alumni

Michelle McAleese

Michelle McAleese
BTM 2017, Events and Conventions Management Diploma 2015

“Don’t wait for school to be finished to look for a job. Network with peers, professors and community members throughout your university years and you never know where it will take you after graduation.”

 More about Michelle

Hometown: Blind Bay
Current residence: Kamloops
Employment: Social media and content marketing specialist for Tourism Kamloops

Michelle always wanted to combine marketing and tourism into one job. With the help of TRU, she landed her dream job. Michelle really likes inspiring people to come to cool, new places and show them the things that make a place unique. She also loves executing a business plan and seeing everything come together in the end. With Tourism Kamloops, her main responsibilities are to produce organic social media posts, organize and write blog posts, send out monthly emails, organize photography shoots and track analytics.

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