Fauve Garson

Tourism grad sets sights on industry sustainability

   Thursday, May 30 2019

Fauve Garson is TRU’s 2019 valedictorian for the Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism Management.

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Khabarovsk to Kamloops to valedictorian

   Thursday, May 24 2018

Forget kayaking—Anastasia Silina is inspired by the social side of tourism.

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swabbing a bat

Bats, wine, wildfire — research programs boosted by collaboration grants

   Monday, April 23 2018

TRU's Tri-University Major Collaboration Grants allow mobility and academic opportunities for faculty and students within the BC Interior.

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42 EAU planning meeting

Cannabis concept nets students second-place spot

   Friday, March 16 2018

Tourism students win praise and second place at BC case championship for their business idea of a cannabis wellness resort and spa.

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Christina Lustenberger Head Shot

Adventure alum trades race skis for crampons

   Thursday, January 18 2018

From Olympic ski racer to backcountry guru. How Christina Lustenberger’s time at TRU prepared her for the guiding life in the big mountains.

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