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The Wren | What’s the ‘buzz’ with native pollinators?

   Tuesday, May 21 2024

“We do have a long history of honey bees (at TRU),” says Dr. Courtney Mason, professor and Canada Research Chair, Rural Livelihoods and Sustainable Communities. “We have…somewhere between six and 10 hives, [and] they’re really effective for education about bees and the ecosystems they support.” Read more

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Radio NL | TRU inks new collaboration agreement with regional tourism group

   Tuesday, April 9 2024

A new Memorandum of Understanding agreement between TRU and the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA) has been hammered out. The agreement involves TOTA providing mentoring and referrals to TRU students. “TOTA has committed to coaching the students while we go through the classroom portion, but also committed to supporting them once they are into the...

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A group of people stand on the summit of a mountain.

TRU and Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association sign MOU

   Monday, April 8 2024

TRU and TOTA have signed an agreement to benefit students in TRU’s tourism management program and support the TRU Tourism Innovation Lab.

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TRU researchers awarded prestigious federal grants

   Friday, March 15 2024

Three TRU faculty members are among the recipients of $1.7 billion in federal funding for researchers and students nationwide.

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iNFOnews | Skiing down handrails? Cool new event coming to Kamloops

   Wednesday, November 8 2023

A rail jam event kicking off at TRU on November 17 will showcase seasoned athletes, wearing skies or snowboards, riding down a long hand rail and doing tricks. “Rail jams are happening in other cities all over the world and specifically on campuses around North America,” Tourism Management faculty member Billy Collins told iNFOnews. Read...

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