Welcome to Accolades Dining Room!

Accolades is a student-run fine-dining restaurant at TRU. This hidden gem offers some of the best cuisine in Canada. Accolades has been awarded the “stars of excellence” year after year from the national restaurant guide, Where to Eat in Canada.

Our culinary philosophy revolves around embracing local flavors and sustainability, making our cuisine truly regional and eco-friendly.

At Accolades, we take pride in producing top-notch chefs who are in high demand within the industry. Our dedicated instructors at the Culinary Arts Training Program put in tremendous effort to ensure that TRU (Thompson Rivers University) produces the best culinary professionals in the country.

Chef Ed Walker, one of our esteemed instructors, highlights the significance of our program: "Industry loves our students because of the real-life kitchen and restaurant experience we provide." We believe in providing our students with practical, hands-on training that prepares them for the challenges of the culinary world.

Accolades serves as a training ground for budding chefs, offering a platform for senior culinary students to showcase their skills and expertise. Here, they can delight discerning patrons with the latest trends and techniques in food preparation and service.

Join us at Accolades Dining Room and experience the culinary mastery of our talented students as they create unforgettable dining experiences for you.

Please email your reservation request to accolades@tru.ca. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to serve you in our establishment this fall.

If there are cancellations we will post it to our Facebook page and there will be instructions on how make a reservation for that night.