Culinary Arts

Workplace Entry
Professional Cook 2 & 3 (Red Seal)

Professional Cook 2 and Cook 3 (Red Seal)

Workplace Entry

Next intake for Professional Cook 2 and Cook 3 (Red Seal) workplace entry will be January 14th, 2019, Mondays and Tuesday afternoons from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm

The 180 hour course is delivered over 14 weeks, with practical training in the TRU Culinary Arts kitchen two afternoons per week. This includes your written exam and practical assessments in the program's final week. Most time is spent in the kitchen learning hands-on skills with some time spent on theory. You are responsible for study and practice tests on your days not in school. About one hour a day of your own time is needed for self-study. The goal of this course is to prepare students to successfully complete Professional Cook 2 and Cook 3 workplace apprenticeship programs, both practical and theoretical exams.

This Moodle course can be accessed any time from any computer with Internet access. This is where you will find most of your theory material, learning resources and tests.

Entrance requirements:

Professional Cook 2

  • ITA Professional Cook 1 Certificate of Qualification
  • Must be a currently registered apprentice in Professional Cook 2
  • Current Food Safe certificate

Cook 3

  • ITA Professional Cook 2 Certificate of Qualification
  • Must be a currently registered apprentice in Cook 3
  • Current Food Safe certificate

 Required resources:

  • Learning guides:
    • Occupational Skills Block A Learning Resources – $53
    • Professional Cook 1 learning guides $88.50
    • Professional Cook 2-3  Packages– $44.25 each
    • Gisslen Professional Cooking for Canadian Chefs with Wileyplus – $144.50. Or wileyplus online text book approx cost – $80 (must have laptop in class)
    • Canadian Meat Council Food Service Meat Manual – $31.25
  • Your own chef's uniform, including hat, jacket, pants and non-slip closed-toe shoes.
  • Full set of knives.

These supplies can all be purchased through Bookies, our campus bookstore in the Campus Activity Centre Building.

Areas of Study:

  • Block A: Occupational skills
  • Block B: Stocks, soups and sauces
  • Block C: Vegetables and fruits – Line A and portions of Line F and G
  • Block D: Starches
  • Block E: Meats and game
  • Block F: Seafood
  • Block G: Garde manger
  • Block H: Eggs, breakfast and dairy
  • Block I: Beverages
  • Block J: Baked goods and desserts


  • Approximately $679.01

More Information:

Please contact:  Apprenticeship Office at 250-371-5659, email