Faculty of Arts

Modern Languages Special Projects and Courses


Explore is a well-established federal government program that provides funding to students wishing to study French in an immersion environment. Options include five-week intensive study programs at universities in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada as well as longer-term periods of study. TRU humanities elective credits may be awarded for some of these programs (please consult with BA Advising for details).

MLAN 1110 and 1210 Introductory World Language 1 and 2

MLAN 1110 is a shell course (with its continuation MLAN 1210) which may be taught in a variety of languages depending on instructor availability and student demand. In Fall 2013, MLAN 1110 will be offered as Introductory Russian. Future options might include introductory Arabic, Hindi, Italian, Punjabi, etc. Students are encouraged to contact the Languages Coordinator with suggestions for languages they would like to see taught under this acronym.

Directed Studies

Modern Languages faculty may be available to teach advanced and specialized directed studies topics. These projects are developed on a case-by-case basis based on student interest and faculty availability. If you have a directed studies topic in mind, please contact the appropriate Languages faculty member or the Languages Coordinator.

Language Clubs

Getting together for fun activities with other language learners is a great way to make your language learning mean something in your life. Over the years, student initiatives have included French, Spanish and Japanese clubs, hosting movie nights, pub nights and other fun activities. If you are a keen student with lots of energy and ideas, interested in forming a language club with fellow learners or international students, please contact the Thompson Rivers University Student Union (TRUSU) for information about funding for student clubs.

International Exchanges

TRU World continues to develop a wide range of international study options for TRU students. These include exchanges, Study Abroad, Field Schools, etc. For details, please see the TRU World website.