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History is the study of humanity's recorded past. It encompasses virtually all aspects of human activity and behaviour. The arts and sciences, technology and economics, ideology and social attitudes are all as much as part of history as politics and war.

Why take history at TRU

As a TRU History student, you will have the opportunity to study many things including the American Civil War, the history of British Columbia, the concentration camp within global context, religion in Canada and Medieval Europe. Rather than just memorizing facts and time lines, you will experience the past brought to life through dynamic lectures, historical reconstruction, role-playing games, unique research projects, and small group seminars. You will learn to critically assess historical evidence, to weigh competing interpretations, and to develop your own analysis of the past.

Opportunities for students

Beyond the classroom, you will have the opportunity to participate in the Philosophy, History and Politics Undergraduate Conference, and in the many events organized by the History Club. TRU History majors not only learn about the past, they develop exceptional research, writing, analytical, and communication skills — skills that are in top demand by today’s employers.