Faculty of Arts

Indigenous Studies Certificate

A 24-credit certificate students can obtain in the course of completing a degree. Graduates who meet the certificate credit requirements receive an Indigenous Studies Certificate.

Indigenous studies is an interdisciplinary field of inquiry that seeks to understand the ways in which indigenous peoples worldwide, despite their incredible diversity, share a common experience of colonization. Indigenous studies is thus interested in historical contexts, political struggles, cultural expressions, and the lived ongoing effects of colonialism.

The Indigenous Studies Certificate provides students the opportunity to concentrate on indigenous studies as part of their degree. Students are encouraged to explore issues through a broad range of disciplinary course offerings. As indigenous issues cross disciplinary boundaries, so too does this certificate.

Program requirements

The certificate in Indigenous Studies requires the completion of at least 24 credits in courses designated as “indigenous content” courses (some courses may have additional pre-requisites).

Course Title
ARCH 1190 Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 1210 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 2140 Canadian Native Peoples
ARCH 2190 Ancient North Americans
ARCH 2230 Native Peoples and Cultures of British Columbia
ENGL 2410 Native Canadian Literature
GEOG 2230 The Regional Geography of British Columbia and Yukon
HIST 2020 History of the Native Peoples of Canada
POLI 1110 The Government and Politics of Canada
SOCI 2010 Race and Ethnic Relations
TMGT 1020 Cultural Heritage and Nature Interpretation

Note: The following courses would not normally be accessible to students in a certificate program due to the individual course pre-requisites and the requirement of admittance to the Bachelor’s degree programs for upper-level courses. In special circumstances, however, it may be possible for non-traditional students to be admitted to these courses, which may count towards the credits for the certificate.

Course Title
ARCH 3060 Summer Field Training in Archaeology
ANTH 3270 First Nations Natural Resource Management
ANTH 4010 Native Peoples of North America
ANTH 4040 Peoples and Cultures of the North American Arctic
ANTH 4050 Canadian Status/Treaty Indian Reserve Communities
ARCH 4060 Cultural Resource Management
ARCH 4110 Prehistory of a Special Area in the New World
ARCH 4200 Archaeology of British Columbia
EDUC 442 Pedagogy of First Nations Education
ENGL 4460 Studies in Commonwealth/Postcolonial Literature
ENGL 4470 Studies in Indigenous Literature (North American)
POLI 4060 Topics in Latin American Politics
SOCW 3540 An Introduction to First Nations Issues and Human Services
THTR 325 *History of Canadian Theatre - (*Not Currently Available)