Faculty of Arts

Philosophy, History and Politics

Welcome to the Department of Philosophy, History, and Politics.

Our department is home to three separate but related disciplines. While each discipline has its own methodological and theoretical approaches, they share in seeking to deepen our collective understanding of the human experience in past and present.

In PHP courses, you will learn about many of the pressing issues of our time, and strengthen your skills of research, analysis, communication, and critical thinking. Our department offers minor programs in all three disciplinary areas, and major programs in philosophy, history, and economic and political studies.

Our department is home to a rich, thriving student culture that centres on the PHP Undergraduate Conference — a student-led conference that takes place annually in January. Our students have an opportunity not only to attend and present at the conference, but to volunteer in organizing the event, which draws undergraduate student participants from across Western Canada. The conference is associated with the undergraduate journal Dialogues, and supported by a range of fundraising events throughout the year, including a Trivia Night and Beer Conference in the fall term.

In PHP, student success is our priority, and we’re very excited to support and encourage all students in their academic journeys.