Faculty of Arts

Student Awards

TRU Theatre Entrance Award

Application to include a letter from the first year student outlining why they want to study theatre along with a letter of support from someone who can speak to their drama experience.  Closing date October 1st of their first year of study.  Applications to be sent directly to the Theatre Program Coordinator Wesley Eccleston weccleston@tru.ca.

TRU Actors Workshop Theatre Award

Awarded to a student after completing their first year in the program on the basis of excellence and service to the program.

Actors Workshop Theatre
TRU AWT Technical Theatre Award

Awarded to a student who has completed second year technical theatre courses and shows excellent aptitude and commitment.

Jessica Cook Memorial Award

Awarded annually to a top upper-level theatre student.

TRU Actors Workshop Theatre Senior Achievement Award

Awarded to a senior theatre student for outstanding achievement and commitment to the program.

Bradley Munro Memorial Award

Awarded to a third-year student on the basis of excellence in tech theatre.