Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Tourism Resort Experience Management

This program is in abeyance. Students wishing to take a post-baccaulaureate in tourism may take the the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Tourism Destination Development.

Credits: 54

CGPA: 2.0 or greater required for graduation

Course Description
Tourism core (21 credits)
CMNS 1810 Business, Professional and Academic Composition (or ENGL 1100)
TMGT 1110 Introduction to Tourism
TMGT 1150 Marketing and Customer Service
TMGT 2610 Environmental Issues in the Tourism Industry
TMGT 3000 Practicum in Tourism (120 hours)
TMGT 3020 Tourism Policy and Planning
TMGT 3050 Research in Tourism
Tourism electives (15 credits)
Lower elective Select a 1000-2000 level course from ADVG, EVNT, HMGT, MTST or TMGT
Upper elective Select a 3000-4000 level course from ADVG, EVNT, HMGT, MTST or TMGT
Theme 1 Culture Culture and Place, choose one of the following: TMGT 3010, 4090, 4100, 4220, ADVG 4220
Theme 2 Global Global Perspectives, choose one of the following: TMGT 4030, 4040, 4160, 4980, ADVG 4050, 4160
Theme 3 Experience Experience Design, choose one of the following: TMGT 4010, 4050, 4130, 4170, 4180, 4210, ADVG 4040, 4200
Specialization (18 credits)
HMGT 3000 Resort Hospitality Operations and Performance
TMGT 4030 Resort Management
TMGT 4050 Event Tourism
TMGT 4150 Managing Small Tourism Enterprises
TMGT 4170 or
TMGT 4180
Information Technology and Tourism
Managing the Tourist Experience
HMGT 4800 Resort Management Case Study

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