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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Integrated Strategic Planning

Integrated Strategic Planning

Integrated Strategic Planning encourages people across TRU units, departments, teams and faculties to envision collaborative ways to work together to achieve strategic objectives. The pan-institutional nature of ISP is designed to break down silos and encourage co-operation and relationship-building across departments in pursuit of goals that align with TRU’s Vision Statement.

What we're doing

Consultation within the TRU community led Provost Dr. Gillian Balfour to the identification of three key ISP strategic objectives, which will serve as the basis for calls for projects through the next few years.

  1. Student success and research innovation through inclusive excellence in research faculty and staff recruitment.
  2. Eliminate achievement gaps across different groups of learners, and honour, truth, reconciliation and rights.
  3. To be recognized provincially, nationally, and internationally for our unique academic and trades programs that provide students with flexible learning pathways, experiential opportunities, and community research.

See how these objectives fit in with our mission, vision, values and change goals

Watch a video presentation by the provost
*Opens in MS Teams

Why we're doing this

In 2019 and into early 2020, members of TRU’s community, including students, faculty and staff as well as community members at large, participated in one of the most extensive consultations in our history — Envision TRU. The purpose was to gather input into determining the kind of university we would aspire to be for the next 10 years. Essentially, a new vision.

Following these consultations, TRU adopted a Vision Statement incorporating our mission, vision, values and four strategic change goals that reflect who we are and what we want to achieve over a 10-year period.

What we hope to achieve

Integrated Strategic Planning, under the guidance of the provost, has developed the path that will make the Vision Statement a reality. Planning routinely occurs at TRU. We have a Strategic Enrolment Management Plan, a Research Plan, operational unit plans and a host of other planning that is undertaken at various levels within the university. What the ISP process does is align our efforts in support of achieving TRU’s vision.

View a timeline of the process

What's next

Faculty and staff are now able to work on proposals based on the ISP strategic objectives.

Visit SharePoint for an application form and more information

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