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Thompson Rivers University
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Strategic Enrolment Management

Strategic Enrolment Management


Strategic Enrolment Management (SEM) is a planning practice centred on expressing an institution’s overarching strategic priorities in terms of the optimal number and mix of students enrolled, and seeks to align enrolment with the values of the organization.

SEM prompts consideration of the many variables — both academic and administrative — across an institution that impact a student’s experience and progress toward pursuing their educational goals, and ultimately their decision and/or ability to enrol and/or remain enrolled.

As such, enrolment goals are defined and pursued through collaborative planning and action, fostering alignment of curriculum, delivery, processes and services with institutional priorities and values.


With the above understanding of Strategic Enrolment Management, the purpose of TRU’s SEM plan is to:

  1. Articulate a long-term vision of enrolment that is reflective of our mandate, mission, vision, values, strategic change goals, and resources.
  2. Identify enrolment goals and measurable objectives aligned with our desired future state.
  3. Enact an organisational framework for ongoing and collaborative enrolment planning, action and analysis.

The SEM plan serves to orient the efforts of academic and administrative divisions toward common enrolment outcomes, and to foster collaborative approaches to achieving identified enrolment objectives.


The SEM plan takes into consideration all domestic and international student enrolment in developmental, vocational, undergraduate and graduate academic courses and programs on all campuses/centres and through Open Learning as well as enrolment in continuing education courses and programs.

While this range of enrolment activity contributes to TRU’s overall enrolment, the SEM plan is not intended to serve as a comprehensive strategic plan for each academic level, location and/or method of delivery, etc.

The SEM plan complements other institutional strategic planning efforts such as the Open Learning Strategic Plan, Strategic Research Plan, People Plan, etc., ultimately serving TRU’s overall integrated strategic planning.

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