Faculty of Arts

Theoretical Checklist

APA Checklist for a Theoretical/Review Paper

General format

  • Double-spaced
  • 12-pt font
  • Margins of at least 1 inch

Title page

  • Header
  • Running head
  • Title centered
  • Author (first name, middle initial, last name)
  • Institution


  • Not indented
  • Defines all abbreviations, acronyms, unique terms
  • Uses 3rd person
  • Doesn’t exceed 120 words

Should Describe

  • The topic
  • Purpose
  • Thesis
  • Sources used (ie. published literature)
  • Conclusion


  • Title of the paper is the heading
  • States the purpose and rationale of your paper


  • Heading “Discussion” is centered
  • In 1st paragraph: statement of support/non-support of your thesis
  • Address alternative explanations for results
  • Last paragraph: -why the problem is important?
  • The larger issue that hinges on results?
  • What real life phenomenon is modeled/explained by the results?


  • The heading of “References” is centered
  • Reference list begins with a new page
  • In alphabetical order of the primary author’s last name
  • Double-spaced
  • Hanging indent
  • Only the first word in the title of a reference source is capitalized
  • All citations made in the paper must be in the reference list
  • All reference sources must be cited in the text