Why TRU trades graduates are top choices for employers

Hiring a trades graduate can bring several benefits to your team. The learning environment and instructors at TRU create the stepping stones students need to be job-ready and future leaders in the field.

We offer foundation and apprenticeship training backed by SkilledTradesBC. Our experienced Red Seal instructors and state-of-the-art training equipment empower students to become the best they can be. At TRU, students realize their peak potential and showcase their talents in remarkable ways. Let’s explore some of the reasons why employers choose TRU graduates.

Hands-on training

TRU trades students develop real-world skills that employers value. Exceptional training comes from our experiential learning, industry partners and state-of-the-art facilities. Our experienced Red Seal instructors provide the highest quality instruction, but the real magic is found in the students. The students bring the focus, skill, determination and passion that can’t be taught in the classroom. At TRU, graduates are prepared for a rewarding career.

According to BC Student Outcomes from 2020 to 2022, ninety-five per cent of trades foundation graduates were working full-time.

Students had a ninety-two-satisfaction rate and ninety-four per cent said the quality of instruction was very good, good or adequate.

Well-rounded professionals

Our comprehensive curriculum also covers essential soft skills that are important in any workplace. Students learn to problem-solve, critically think, communicate and lead, making graduates well-rounded professionals in their respective trades.

In every work setting, effective communication is essential for collaborating with fellow workers, supervisors and clients. Every day on the job can look different and bring unexpected challenges. Professionalism, attention to detail, and adapting to technology also play vital roles in the workplace. And at TRU, students develop those skills and then some.

Industry knowledge

One of the most important tools in our graduates’ wheelhouse is industry knowledge. With it, their opportunities are endless. Here’s a rundown of how TRU graduates acquire industry knowledge in the classroom and in the community:

Experienced faculty

Our Red Seal instructors have extensive industry experience and teach students what they have learned from real-world situations.

Updated curriculum

Programs are designed in collaboration with industry experts, making them relevant to current industry standards and practices.

Industry partnerships

Students listen to guest speakers, participate in workshops, and are exposed to the latest developments in their given field.

Work experience

The cherry on top is that students are required to gain experience off campus and hit a specific number of paid work hours towards their Red Seal designation.

Graduates are equipped with the knowledge needed to excel.

The classes at TRU were small which provided more one-on-one time with my instructors. This greatly improved my learning experience! The Electrical trade allowed me to jumpstart into a career and start earning a good income quickly. I would highly recommend and suggest TRU as one of the best institutions for trades programs!
— Dustin, TRU electrical graduate from 2020

Acres Enterprises’ collaboration with Thompson Rivers University’s Trades and Technology students has been exceptional. Their practical expertise, dedication, and commitment to industry standards have consistently impressed our company. We’ve had the privilege of meeting these talented individuals during their courses at TRU, and it’s been gratifying to see them not only excel during their programs at TRU but also apply their skills effectively when they join us. Their hands-on experience significantly contributes to the success of our construction projects. Their possession of relevant certifications and tickets showcases their commitment to excellence.
— Hayley Dean, HR Manager of Acres Enterprises

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