Research Series

The TRU Faculty of Law Research Series is a collection of research presentations organised by the Faculty of Law Research Committee. These events spotlight the current research being done in the faculty of law.

Presentations are normally on works-in-progress, and they sometimes include co-presenters that are from other university disciplines or student research assistants. Following each presentation, the faculty and students who gathered have an opportunity to ask questions and engage in a conversation with the presenters.

The Research Series has become an important part of the life of the Faculty of Law. Not only does it provide an opportunity for faculty members to share their research, but it also helps foster an active scholarly community committed to the open, free and scholarly exchange of ideas.

  "Moral Principles as Defences" with Prof. Colton Fehr
  "Here's a Tip: a Workshop on Canada's Access to Information and Privacy Acts" with Prof. Matt Malone
  "It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Hurt: Canada’s Sport Governance Crisis" with Prof. Gauthier
  "Equitable Characteristics of Mitigation" with Prof. Krish Maharaj
  "Indigenous Governments and Local Government Relationships across Canada" with Prof. Morse and Simran Joura
  "Increasing Access to Justice for People with Disabilities in Congregate Care Settings During COVID-19: Multidisciplinary Research in Law and Science" with Prof. Dhand and Prof. Prema
  "Justice Epidemiology – Developing a Systemic Approach to Measure and Improve Access to Justice" with Prof. Pilliar
  "Where Copyright Meets Privacy in the Big Data Era: Access to and Control over User Data and the Role of Copyright" with Professor Tesh Dagne
  "Civil Revolution: How BC's New Online Court is Shaking Up the Legal System" with Prof. Sykes