Craig E. Jones, K.C.


BGS (TRU), LLB (UBC), LLM (Harvard)

Craig Jones was raised in the interior of British Columbia.  He graduated from UBC’s law school in 1998 and was called to the Bar the following year. In 2002, he earned a Master’s degree from Harvard Law School.

Prior to joining the Faculty of Law in 2012, Professor Jones served as the Supervising Counsel of the Constitutional & Administrative Law Group in the BC Ministry of Attorney General. He appeared as lead counsel for the AG in a number of significant constitutional cases and public inquiries.  Before that he worked at a large Vancouver firm where, in addition to his litigation work, he acted as counsel to the aboriginal rights pioneer Thomas Berger, OC QC during the 2005-06 Nunavut Land Claims Conciliation, and assisted in the preparation of Mr. Berger’s historic report The Nunavut Project. Since arriving at TRU in 2012, Professor Jones has retained a consultation and litigation practice at a boutique Vancouver litigation firm, where his clients have included individuals, First Nations, and government bodies. He has also represented TRU Law Students, without fee, in Law Society credentials hearings, and has been pro-bono counsel in several Human Rights Tribunal cases. In 2020 he was a member (along with his colleague Professor Katie Sykes) of the Attorney General's advisory committee on COVID-19 response.

Professor Jones’s books include Theory of Class Actions (shortlisted for the Walter Owen Book Prize), and The Law of Large-Scale Claims (co-authored with Jamie Cassels, K.C.). He has written dozens of articles in leading journals and has been a frequent guest lecturer at law schools and conferences across the country and in the US. Professor Jones’s current research focuses on the psychology of advocacy and judging, and he is the author of “The Troubling New Science of Legal Persuasion: Heuristics and Biases in Judicial Decision Making”, published in the Advocates’ Quarterly. 

Professor Jones has served on the boards of the BC Civil Liberties Association (including two terms as president), the PIVOT Legal Society, and Habitat for Humanity Kamloops. Currently, he is a TRU Senator and also represents the Faculty of Law on the TRU Faculty Association Executive Board.  He was recognized by TRU as a Distinguished Alumnus in 2008, and in 2011 he was appointed Queen’s Counsel in recognition of “exceptional merit and contribution to the practice of law." In 2021 he was honoured with an Award of Excellence by the TRU Students' Union in recognition of his advocacy on behalf of students, within the University and before other bodies.

In 2022 Professor Jones was retained as General Counsel to the Premier of B.C.  He will continue on the Faculty of TRU Law in a reduced capacity for the duration of that service, teaching a section of Constitutional Law in the first-year curriculum.


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Counsel Work: Special Projects and Inquiries
  1. Missing Women Commission of Inquiry (2011): Counsel for Attorney General and Province before the Oppal Commission.
  2. Thomas R. Braidwood Hearing and Study Commission Inquiry into the Death of Robert Dziekanski (2009-10): Lead counsel for Attorney General before Commission in constitutional challenge brought by Attorney General of Canada and others to authority of Commission.
  3. Nunavut Land Claims Negotiations (2005-06): Counsel to the federally-appointed Conciliator, Thomas R. Berger O.C., Q.C. in stalled negotiations between the governments of Canada and Nunavut, and the Nunavut Inuit.
  4. Vancouver Electoral Reform Commission (2004-05): Counsel to Commission during hearings and subsequent report on municipal electoral system reform in the City of Vancouver.
Counsel Work: Trial and Appellate Work
  1. Reference re: Constitutionality of Section 293 of Criminal Code (Polygamy) 2009 BCSC 1668; 2010 BCSC 517; 2010 BCSC 1308, 2011 BCSC 1588: Lead counsel for Attorney General in constitutional reference.
  2. In the Matter of Interference with Access to or Operation of the Courts of Justice (2011 BCSC __): Lead counsel for Attorney General in parens patriae injunction application.
  3. Vancouver Network of Drug Users v. Canada / Portland Hotel Society v. Canada 2008 BCCA 441; 2010 BCCA 15; 2011 SCC 44: Lead counsel for Attorney General in constitutional challenge to closure of the Insite safe injection facility.
  4. Blackmore v. British Columbia 2009 BCSC 1299: Lead counsel for Attorney General in Judicial review of prosecutorial decision in Bountiful case.
  5. Taser International v. Braidwood et al. 2010 BCSC 623; 2010 BCSC 1120: Lead counsel for Attorney General in judicial review seeking to quash the findings of Braidwood Study Commission into Taser use in British Columbia.
  6. Rundel et al v. Braidwood 2009 BCSC 814; 2009 BCCA 604: Lead counsel for Attorney General in constitutional challenge by RCMP officers to jurisdiction of provincial inquiry.
  7. BC Teachers’ Federation v. British Columbia (A.G.) 2008 BCSC 1599, 2008 BCSC 1626, 2008 BCSC 1699, 2008 BCSC 1769, 2009 BCSC 436, 2009 BCSC 440, 2009 BCCA 156: Lead Counsel for Attorney General in constitutional challenge to third-party election advertising limits.
  8. Arkinstall et al v. City of Surrey et al, 2007 BCSC 1116; 2008 BCSC 1419; 2009 BCSC 240; 2010 BCCA 250: Lead counsel for Attorney General in challenge to ‘grow op’ searches conducted under the Safety Standards Act.
  9. MacKinnon v. National Money Mart Company, 2007 BCSC 348; 2009 BCCA 103: Lead counsel for Attorney General in Charter challenge to s. 347 of the Criminal Code.
  10. V.M. v. British Columbia (Director of Child, Family and Community Service), 2007 BCSC 552, 2007 BCCA 338, 2008 BCSC 449: Counsel (with G.H. Copley, Q.C.) for Attorney General in constitutional challenge to Director’s seizure of Jehovah’s Witness sextuplets for blood transfusions.
  11. British Columbia Nurses’ Union v. Medical Services Commission 2008 BCSC 321: Lead counsel for Medical Services Commission in challenge based on extra billing in private medical clinics.
  12. Canada v. JTI-Macdonald Corp., 2007 SCC 30: Lead Counsel for Attorney General (intervenor) in constitutional challenge to federal tobacco advertising restrictions.
  13. Crown Point Hotel (1981) Ltd. v. British Columbia (Public Safety and Solicitor General) 2007 BCSC 1048: Counsel for Province in challenge to Fire Inspector’s authority to close a residential hotel.
  14. Canadian Federation of Students v. Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority, 2006 BCCA 529: Counsel (with Neena Sharma) for Attorney General in Charter challenge to advertising restrictions on buses.
  15. Her Majesty the Queen v. Imperial Tobacco Canada Limited et al. 2005 SCC 49, affirming 2004 BCCA 953, reversing 2003 BCSC 877: Counsel (with T.R. Berger, Q.C., D.A. Webster, Q.C., and E.M. Myers, Q.C.) for Her Majesty in constitutional challenges by industry to the Tobacco Damages and Health Care Costs Recovery Act.
  16. District of Kitimat v. Alcan Inc. 2005 BCSC 44: Counsel (with D. Bennett) for Alcan Inc. in declaratory action by municipality alleging unlawful power sales.
  17. Comox-Strathcona Regional District v. Hansen 2005 BCSC 220: Counsel (with D.A. Webster, Q.C.) municipality in division of powers case regarding federal jurisdiction over civil aeronautics.
  18. Powerex Corp. v. Alcan Inc. 2003 BCSC 1096 (granting discretionary adjournment pending US appeal); 2004 BCSC 876 (granting statutory adjournment pending 2nd US appeal); 2004 BCCA 504 (leave to appeal Voth order granted). Counsel (with Simon Margolis) for Alcan in attempted enforcement of $100M international commercial arbitration award. Matter settled while under appeal.
  19. Alcan Inc. v. Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy 2004 BCSC 74: Counsel for Alcan Inc. (with D.A. Webster, Q.C.) in challenge based on solicitor’s conflict of interest.
  20. Nixon v. Vancouver Rape Relief Society 2004 BCCA 516 (motion for intervention): (B.C. Court of Appeal): Counsel (with G.A. Allison) for Society resisting interventions by activist groups in action by transsexual woman denied a position as rape crisis counsellor.
  21. Reference re: Same Sex Marriage 2004 SCC 79: Counsel (pro bono with E.M. Myers, Q.C.) for B.C. Civil Liberties Association in constitutional reference (drafted materials but did not appear).
  22. Kempling v. B.C. College of Teachers 2003 BCSC 133: Counsel (pro bono with E.M. Myers, Q.C.) for B.C. Civil Liberties Association (Intervenor) in Charter challenge to College’s discipline of teacher for anti-gay writings.
  23. Gray et al v. Alma Mater Society of the University of British Columbia et al, 2003 BCSC 864: Counsel for members of student club in tort and contract action against students’ union and individuals.
CLE Presentations, Conference Papers, Symposia
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  2. 2012 Conference Co-Chair (with Murray Rankin, Q.C.): Advanced Administrative Law: Legal Update and Special Duties Pacific Business & Law Institute, Vancouver B.C. (April 25, 2012).
  3. 2012 Presentation: “Vulnerable Populations: Current Charter Challenges”, NJI Charter Conference, National Judicial Institute / Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta (January 25, 2012).
  4. 2011 Panel Member, “Where We Are and How We Got Here”, in Invitational Class Action Forum, Northwind CLE, Cambridge, Ont, (June 21, 2011).
  5. 2011 Panel Member: “Cameras in the Courtroom”, in Lawyers in the Media, CLEBC, Vancouver B.C. (June 6, 2011).
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  8. 2011 Presentation: “Behaviour Modification vs. Access to Justice”, in Windsor Law Class Actions Conference, Windsor Ont. (March 29, 2011).
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 Curriculum Vitae
Craig Jones

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