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The Williams Lake Open Learning Centre

All Open Learning courses and programs are delivered online or by distance and facilitated through the Learning Centre, located in the Main Building.

Getting started at the Centre

The Centre's facilitator will work with students to develop an individual learning plan and help with the process of registering for Open Learning courses and applying for Open Learning programs.

For more information contact the Learning Centre facilitator:


How to apply for courses or programs


If you would like to pay by credit card please use our online registration process through TRU Open Learning.

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All other ways of payment can be done through our Open Learning Course Registration Form.

Open Learning Course Registration Form

For all other Open Learning inquiries, please contact

Visit Tuition and Fees for a complete listing of Open Learning fees.

What the Learning Centre offers students

Choice: Over 400 courses and 57 programs ranging from high school diploma completion to bridging programs in fields including health, trades and business.

Opportunity: Applicants do not require a specific Grade Point Average (GPA) and are not required to submit transcripts from Secondary School to be enrolled.

Flexibility: Enrolment into courses and programs is continuous meaning students can enrol anytime throughout the year.

Accessibility: Access to all on-campus facilities including the Learning Centre's computer lab where students can study in a supportive post-secondary environment.

Support: The Learning Centre is managed by a facilitator who aids students through advising, counselling and mentoring and helps students work though their courses.