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2015 Code Book - Application of Electrical Codes and Standards

(XELC 0632) Online Delivery - Continuous Intake

(XELC 0630) Classroom Delivery - October 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28 2018

This mandatory preparation course is designed for qualified electricians who may want to write the Technical Safety, BC provincial exam to attain their Field Site Representative status / Contractors License (A, B, C ticket). Those wanting a code refresher or who do not meet the prerequisites and do not plan to write the exam may also enroll. Online registrants are granted 30 weeks to complete the course.

Supplied course material:

  • Safety Standards Act
  • Safety Standards General Regulation
  • Electrical Safety Regulation
  • Errata to the 2012 Canadian Electrical Code Book
  • Technical Safety BC Electrical Fee Schedule
  • Technical Safety BC Information Bulletins
  • Technical Safety BC Electrical Directives

Required text (2015 Electrical Code Book) is available for purchase at the TRU Bookstore

Course Fee: $690

2015 Electrical Code - LO Energy Systems

(XELC 0720) Online Delivery

This mandatory 30 hour preparation course prepares participants to write the Technical Safety, BC Field Safety Representative (FSR) Class LO exam. The course covers Canadian Electrical Code requirements for installation, alteration, repair or maintenance of Class 2 circuits limited to a rated output of 100 volt amperes. This course also includes installation of 120 volt branch circuit wiring for Class 2 power supplies. Other relevant areas of study include the following:

  • Electrical Safety Act
  • Safety Standards General Regulation
  • Electrical Safety Regulation
  • Information Bulletins
  • Directives
  • Fee Schedule
  • Safety Matters 

Online registrants are granted 30 weeks to complete the course.

Required text (2015 Electrical Code Book) is available for purchase at theTRU Bookstore

Course Fee: $525

Programmable Logic Controllers Level 1

(XELC 0670)  Classroom Delivery (30 hours)

April 7 - 15, 2018

Satudays/Sundays 8 am - 4 pm

This course is designed to introduce electricians, as well as those who are familiar with conventional motor control theory, to the basic operating principles and various field applications of Programmable Logic Controllers. The course will be based on Allen Bradley systems but will also include discussion on GE and Modicon brands. PLC software training will include a hands-on project to operate a lumber J-bar sorter. Programming instructions will include timers and counters, as well as several more advanced instructions.

Course Fee: $645

Programmable Logic Controllers Level 2

(XELC 0770) Classroom Delivery

April 27 - May 6, 2018

Fridays 400 - 900 pm

Saturdays/Sundays 8 am - 4 pm

This course is designed to take the student beyond the basic level of PLC programming and installation. It will expand on the PLC architecture, analogue I/O as well as PLC to PLC communication via Ethernet. More advanced instructions are incorporated in laboratory experiments. These include math, program control and data manipulation as well as others. An introduction to Human Machine Interfacing (HMI) to the PLC will be given. The student will be completing a number of labs involving the course theory covered.

Course Fee: $845

Arc Flash Safety Workshop

(XWLD 0540) Classroom Delivery

Arc Flash Training Workshop designed for front line workers responsible for electrical systems in the CSA Z462-12 electrical safety standard. Students will gain a full understanding of hazards encountered while operating or maintaining electrical installations in the low voltage (below 750 volts) class including a full understanding of the arc hazard categorization, appropriate personal protective equipment selection and safe work procedures. This one day workshop is designed to assist organizations to identify shock and arc flash hazards and prevent injuries and incidents associated with those hazards.

Course Fee: $225

Introduction to Electrical Quality Management Systems

(XELC 0050) Classroom Delivery

 This two-day training is designed to provide participants with a practical understanding of the general principles and framework of electrical quality management systems, the purpose and requirements of codes and standards, and their application for the delivery of a quality product or service. This course is Gold Seal Accredited.

Course Fee: $349