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Introduction to Woodworking

(XCRP 0602) $399

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This is an introductory course in safe use of woodworking equipment and power tools. As an introductory course we will be getting to know a variety of machines and techniques used on these machines. The machines that we will be using are: mitre saw, jointer, planer, table saw, band saw, drill press and router. There will be other small hand tools that will also be used during our time here. You will learn how to prepare rough lumber to finished dimensions, glue multiple pieces together(lamination), construct joints used in jointing pieces together and prepare it for a finish. A variety of finishes will be covered for custom look.

Participants will use the skills taught to construct a woodworking project.

Steel-toed boots and safety glasses will be required.

Outdoor Furniture

(XCRP 0622) $450

Call 250.828.5106 to be added to our interest list

This course will give you the skills required to make a piece of outdoor furniture. We will be learning the safe operation and some techniques required to operate the following per tools: table saw, jointer, band saw, edge sander, spindle sander and handheld drills. We will be using these woodworking machines and power tools to layout, cut, and assemble an outdoor furniture project. Many pieces will be cut using templates and assembled using wood screws. Appropriate finishes will be discussed for this project.