Health Care Assistant

The TRU Health Care Assistant certificate program is designed to develop student knowledge, skills and values necessary to be employed as a caregiver in a variety of settings including residential care facilities, home support agencies and assisted living facilities. Upon graduation, students will be ready to assist patients in meeting their needs.

This limited-seat program is 27 weeks or 745 hours in length. Approximately four months are theory and three months are in a practice setting preparing while functioning under supervision to become a health care assistant. Graduates receive a Health Care Assistant Certificate.

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Applicants are responsible for ensuring all required documents have been submitted to TRU if requested from other post-secondary institutions and/or agencies by the dates specified. Official transcripts must be issued within two years of application and must be received in sealed envelopes from the issuing institution.

Educational requirements

  • Grade 11 minimum (or equivalent)
  • English 11 73% (B)
  • English Language Competency for non-native English speakers


  • Volunteering or experience working with the elderly is highly recommended
HEAL 1000 Health 2: Lifestyle and Choices
HEAL 1010 Health and Healing: Concepts for Practice
HEAL 1050 Health 1: Interpersonal Communication
HEAL 1100 Health Care Assistant: Introduction to Practice
HEAL 1150 Healing 3: Personal Care and Assistance
HEAL 1200 Healing 1: Caring for Individuals Experiencing Common Health Challenges
HEAL 1250 Practice Experience in Home Support and Assisted Living
HEAL 1300 Practice Experience in Multi-Level and Complex Care
HEAL 1350 Healing 2: Caring for Individuals Experiencing Cognitive or Mental Challenges

Inquiries and Advising

Phone: 250-392-8000


Phone: 250-392-8020