Adventure Guide Diploma

The Adventure Guide Diploma is a fast-paced, two-year course of study comprised of field trips, outdoor skills instruction, and self-directed expeditions. Courses cover a wide range of adventure activities and theoretical topics. Field trips make up 60 percent of the course load.

This 61-credit diploma is made up of 37 required credits and 24 elective credits. The diploma transfers into Adventure Studies concentrations in the Bachelor of Tourism Management degree (BTM) or the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) degree for students who wish to complete a degree. Likewise, the Adventure Guide Diploma is a well recognized credential for those who wish to go directly into employment in the adventure tourism industry.

The private sector is a major supporter of this program through training, certifying, and helping students build a network for future employment.

Graduates work as outdoor skills instructors, mountain or river guides, and in other wilderness-related leadership occupations.

Where are TRU Adventure Studies graduates working now?

Areas of study

The Adventure Guide Diploma builds upon the technical skills and leadership within each of the activities achieved in the first year of study. Students will develop focus and refinement within their areas of interest, while having the option to add new technical skill areas as well. Areas study by activity type include:

  • Hiking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Ice Climbing
  • Mountaineering
  • Ski Touring and Avalanche Education
  • Rope Rescue
  • Expedition Skill Development
  • Canoeing
  • Sea Kayaking
  • White Water Rafting
  • White Water Kayaking
  • Swift Water Rescue
  • Surfing
  • Sailing

Program structure

Students apply to complete the Adventure Guide Diploma after they complete the Adventure Guide Certificate. Completing a second year at the Adventure Studies Department the Adventure Guide Diploma provides students with a solid foundation in adventure activities and adventure industry experience. Compressed, modularized classroom course instruction complements the seasonal field activities. Theory courses include the following:

Year 1 (Adventure Guide Certificate)
Theory Courses — required (18 credits)
ADVG 1010-3    The Adventure Tourism Industry
ADVG 1020-3 Wilderness Travel
ADVG 1050-3 Guiding Leadership I
ADVG 2010-3 The Wilderness Environment
 ADVG 2830-3 Expedition Planning and Leadership
 ADVG 2030-3    Advanced Wilderness First Aid
Field Courses — required (4 credits)
ADVG 1530-2    Kayak I
ADVG 1570-2 Rock Climbing 1 (or 2)
Field Courses — required minimum of one of the following two courses
ADVG 2640-2 ADVG 1510-2 Sea Kayak I and / or Flatwater Canoe Instructor
Field courses — required minimum of one of the following two courses
ADVG 1560-2 ADVG 1580-2 Ski Touring I and / or Mountaineering I
Electives (two or more electives activity courses — may include above courses) (4 credits) 
ADVG 1550-2 Ski Skills
 ADVG 2080-2 CASI Snowboard Instructor Level I
 ADVG 2450-2 ADVG 2550-2 Alpine Ski Instructor I, or Telemark Ski Instructor I
 ADVG 1600-2    Swiftwater Rescue Technician III
ADVG 2650-2       Sea Kayak 2
 ADVG 2660-2 Rafting I
 ADVG 2750-2 Rafting 2
 ADVG 2590-2 Avalanche I
ADVG 2070-2    Ocean Surfing I
ADVG 2260-2 Ocean Surfing 2
ADVG 1900-2 Expedition Skill Development
Year 2
Theory Courses — required (18 credits)
ADVG 2850-3 Instructional Skills
ADVG 2060-3    Legal Liability and Risk Management
ADVG 1100-3 Search and Rescue Management
ADVG 2040-3    The Business of Adventure
ACCT 1000-3 Financial Accounting
TMGT 1150-3    Marketing and Customer Service

Students specialize in activity areas, refining proficiency and developing a deeper understanding of that industry sector.

Field Courses for Adventure Guide Diploma
ADVG 2200-2 Climbing Gym Instructor Level I
ADVG 2270-2 Ocean Surfing 3
ADVG 2530-2 Kayak 3
ADVG 2540-2 Senior River Kayak Instructor
 ADVG 2652-2 Sea Kayak 3
ADVG 2730-2 SRT IV
ADVG 2800-2 Rock Climbing 2
ADVG 2810-2 Mountaineering 2
ADVG 2930-2 Rock Climbing 3
ADVG 2940-2 Mountaineeering 3
ADVG 2470-2 White Water Play Boating
ADVG 2510-2 Moving Water Canoe
ADVG 2570-2 Ski Tour 2
ADVG 2620-2 Rope Rescue Team Member
ADVG 2652-2 Sea Kayak 3
ADVG 2760-2 Ice Climbing
ADVG 2770-2 Adventure Photography
ADVG 2790-2 Ski Tour 3
ADVG 2840-2 Coastal Sailing