Create amazing experiences in tourism and leisure

Our faculty has three departments:
Adventures Studies, Culinary Arts and Tourism Management

Tourism Management Faculty and Staff

Faculty Members
Doug Booth Dean 250-852-7138
David Carter Assistant Teaching Professor 250-852-7660
Kellee Caton Professor
Judith Chomitz Associate Teaching Professor 250-377-6165
Billy Collins Associate Teaching Professor 250-828-5256
Lian Dumouchel Teaching Professor & Department Chair  250-828-5220
John Hull Associate Professor 250-852-7638
Courtney Mason Professor & CRC Tier 2 250-828-5446
Robin Reid Associate Professor 250-317-5784
Anne Terwiel Teaching Professor 250-371-5761
Kimberly Thomas Francois Assistant Teaching Professor 250-852-7666
Jason Johnston Assistant Teaching Professor 250-852-7638
Part-time Faculty Members
Jarita Heer
Greg Simmonds
Professor Emeritus/Adjunct Faculty
Rob Hood Professor Emeritus    
Divisional Assistant
Candace Thatcher 250-828-5132
Program Advisors
Greg Simmonds & Jarita Heer