Simulation Centre

We provide an immersive and dynamic educational experience for students in our state-of-the-art simulation center. Our focus is on safely preparing students for real-world challenges in healthcare while fostering student engagement and confidence.

Our team includes staff and faculty specifically trained in and dedicated to simulation-based learning ensuring that students receive the best education possible. Through realistic scenarios and cutting-edge technology, we create a safe and controlled environment where students can safely practice critical thinking, decision-making, and communication skills.

Our simulation and lab spaces are designed to look and feel the same as real practice settings, and feature hospital and community environments complete with oxygen and air flow meters, suction equipment, and ceiling tract lifts. An apartment equipped with functioning appliances and a fully functioning bathroom with assistive devices is available for learning community care. All these spaces are supported by high resolution video cameras to facilitate student learning, evaluations and debriefing. Student practice is facilitated using high-fidelity mannequins that respond to interventions and patient actors.

We value a comprehensive and collaborative approach to learning, where students from various disciplines can work together to learn with, from, and about each other. This collaborative approach enhances students' understanding of the interconnectedness of healthcare professions and prepares them for the multidisciplinary nature of health practice.

Develop your skills and build confidence

Our simulation education programming offers a diverse range of healthcare scenarios in various settings. Emphasizing interprofessional practice, the program equips participants with the skills to deliver high-quality, safe care to individuals across different age groups. Through these experiences, participants gain valuable preparation for future clinical placements and work environments.

Furthermore, we offer an interprofessional approach to teaching and learning, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of contemporary healthcare workplaces. This prepares them to enter hospital rooms, clinical settings, or homecare environments with the necessary skills valued by employers.

Dr. Sherman Jen High-Fidelity Simulation Centre

Utilizes computerized mannequins to engage students and faculty in teaching methods that may not be possible using real patients. Outfitted with eight beds and various programmable mannequins to reflect real patient situations, including pediatrics. Control rooms allow faculty to simulate a range of emergency situations and monitor student response. Here, students develop confidence in clinical practice knowledge and skills.

Stollery Foundation Innovation Lab

Outfitted with 16 beds and basic technology to resemble a hospital ward. Here, students practice basic assessments and case scenarios. This space is a key component to applying, practicing, and studying skills as they are being learned in class.

Home Visit Lab

Set up like an apartment to address challenges students will face in a home care setting. Designed to help students work through real-life situations, from moving the patient in a standard-sized bathroom, to safe food preparation and facing mobility or safety challenges in the home.