Thompson Rivers University

School of Nursing

School of Nursing at Thompson Rivers University

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Fees

Tuition: Academic courses (1000-4000 level)

  • The tuition fee is $122.73 per credit (subject to change)
  • Additional Fees: TRU Calender (page 10)
  • TRU Student Union Fees: (page 10)

$16.83 materials fee for courses shown with (L). (Subject to change.)

Nursing students are advised to budget for the following:
  • Books, Manuals, etc., $1000.00 per year
  • Criminal Record Check $20
  • CPR - C Certificate fee with re-certification every 2 years as arranged by student
  • WHIMIS Certificate fee, as arranged by student
  • Stethoscope, $100
  • Blood Pressure Cuff, $100
  • Pen light $40
  • Uniforms (approximately), $200
  • White WCB approved footwear, $100
  • Room and Board, as arranged by the student
  • Travel Expenses, as arranged by the student
    (Out of town travel and accommodation will be necessary for practice experiences)
  • Canadian Registered Nurse Examination Fee, $500 (subject to change)
    (At time of Graduation).
  • Graduation Activities, as arranged by the student
  • Graduation Pin (as preferred by student), $150
  • Nursing Undergrad Society Annual Fees (approx. $25 per year)