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School of Nursing at Thompson Rivers University

LPN to BScN Degree Program

We appreciate your interest in the Thompson Rivers University (TRU) School of Nursing (SON)

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) Degree program offers advanced placement to Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) into Year 2 of the 4 year BScN program, pending available space.

TRU applications for the BScN degree program will be available October 1, 2014 and prospective students must submit a completed TRU application with supporting documents to the Admissions Department no later than January 15, 2015 for the class of September 2015.

Applications mailed or couriered on the deadline date must be clearly Post Marked.

Complete a TRU application paper form indicating LPN to BScN ADVANCED PLACEMENT into Year 2 for Program of Choice’. Do not submit an on-line application from ApplyBC.

You need to meet all the Admission Requirements (listed below) to complete your application by January 15, 2015. LPN applicants are placed on a wait list and notified if a space becomes available for your acceptance, normally  by June or July, based on space availability.

Phase One: To be eligible for advanced placement in year 2, semester three a LPN must complete the following Admission Requirements and provide supporting documentation (transcripts) for same:

  1. BIOL 1593 and BIOL 1693 - 6 credits (TRU OL) OR
    BIOL 1590 and BIOL 1690 - 6 credits (TRU Campus) OR
    BIOL 235 - 6 credits Athabasca University OR
    A Post Secondary Human Biology course with a health science human anatomy and physiology course that is designed for nursing students.
    You can check with the Student Advisor prior to enrolling in a Biology to ensure transfer credit eligibility.
  2. ENGL1100 Composition - 3 credits (TRU Campus) OR
    ENGL1101 Composition - 3 credits (TRU-OL) OR
    University English Composition - 3 credits equivalency
  3. A 2nd Academic English university transfer course 3 credits, literature or poetry. For example:
    TRU Campus: ENGL1110 Prose Fiction OR TRU-OL: ENGL1001or ENGL1011 or ENGL1029 or ENGL1031
    You can check with a Student Advisor prior to enrolling in an English course to ensure transfer credits.
  4. Provide an official transcript from your Practical Nurse program
  5. Provide official post-secondary transcripts for all university courses as you may receive Transfer Credits for the BScN required non-nursing electives
  6. A copy of your current LPN license
  7. A copy of your Practical Nurse Diploma
  8. A record of 500 employment hours as a LPN
  9. One reference letter from a current employer as a LPN
  10. A copy of your current CPR level “C” Certificate (Re-ceritify every 2 years)
  11. A copy of your WHMIS certificate

Phase Two: Upon confirmation of seat availability and acceptance into Year 2 of the BScN program, complete the following:

  1. Submit $500.00 Commitment fee to Admissions
  2. Sign and submit the Criminal Record Check consent to be completed by TRU School of Nursing (SON)
  3. Requisite Skills and Abilities form signed
  4. Submit completed TRU – SON Immunization Record

For additional information please contact the SON Student Advisor at