Heavy Mechanical Foundation

This program supports pre-apprenticeship training for all four of the heavy mechanical trades. Credit is granted for Level One technical training and 450 hours of work-based training time toward each of the four trades:

Heavy Duty Equipment Technician (formerly Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic)

A person who maintains, manufactures, overhauls, reconditions and repairs equipment powered by internal combustion engines or electricity and without limiting the foregoing, including graders, loaders, shovels, tractors, trucks, forklifts, wheeled and tracked vehicles of all types used in construction, logging sawmill, manufacturing, mining and other similar industry.

Truck and Transport Mechanic (formerly Commercial Transport Vehicle Mechanic)

A person who maintains, rebuilds, overhauls, reconditions, does diagnostic troubleshooting of motorized commercial truck, bus and road transport equipment.

Diesel Engine Mechanic

A person who installs, repairs and maintains all internal combustion diesel engines and components used in transport, construction and marine.

Transport Trailer (formerly Commercial Transport Mechanic)

A person who maintains, rebuilds, overhauls, reconditions and does diagnostic trouble shooting and repairs of commercial truck and trailers.

The program covers all aspects necessary for graduates to enter the trade as an apprentice. That is, the program is a pre-apprentice/trade entry, and does not require any previous experience or training in the industry.

Hands-on: Strong emphasis is placed on practical training with numerous hands-on projects. Graduates should be able to develop enough skills to be hired on as an immediately productive employee—reducing the need for employers to invest further time and resources into training a new apprenticeship candidate.

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