Innovation: Institute for Wildfire Science, Adaptation and Resiliency


Innovation, which combines research with applied thinking to solve a challenge, can significantly transform wildfire management.

Advancing or developing new technology, practices and tools can solve challenges surrounding wildfire prevention, preparedness and response. This includes improved incident management and safer operational environments for wildland firefighters.

TRU and the BC Wildfire Service (BCWS) are working together to identify opportunities for innovation, and to quickly test and implement innovation directly within wildfire operations. This includes testing and trialing new ideas, technology, equipment and practices.

Accessing and sharing expertise, resources and assets is vital for progress. TRU Wildfire helps accelerate innovation by bringing together government, universities, Indigenous groups, research groups and industry, and linking the necessary resources to find solutions.

Through the Institute for Wildfire Science, Adaptation and Resiliency, TRU is already integrating machine learning and AI to improve current wildfire modeling and predictive outcomes. BCWS is conducting studies and pilots on a variety of wildfire-related topics, including firefighter health, insights from Indigenous firefighting experience, night vision goggles for helicopter pilots, fire-suppressing foams, and drone technology for aerial ignitions and infrared scanning of hot spots.

Discoveries and innovations will cycle back into TRU Wildfire’s research, education and training.