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Career mentoring is where experienced business professionals (mentors) can meet with students (mentees) to guide, counsel, and advise on career choices, opportunities, and occupations. Career Mentoring can boost student employability and expand their network and learning beyond the classroom.

At TRU, the Career & Experiential Learning and Alumni departments work together to organize mentoring events on campus and online that introduce students to the benefits of networking and mentorship relationships. We also connect students to mentors online with Career Connections throughout the year.

Instructors: If you would like to arrange a career mentoring event for your class, please contact us at

Become a mentor

As a working professional, you have the ability to show students the link between their education and prospective careers.

Be a mentor for TRU students to show them now, what you wanted to know then!

SHARE your career path

IMPACT student career growth

CONNECT with TRU Campus

ENHANCE leadership and coaching skills


How to Get Started:

  1. Register as a mentor through Career Connections:
    Mentor Registration
  2. Fill out all the required fields and complete your registration form. Remember, students will select mentors based on their experience and education, so providing accurate information is essential.
  3. Tailor Your Mentorship: You have the flexibility to decide how many students you'd like to mentor and can adjust your availability accordingly.
    Mentor Handbook


Meet working professionals and learn about the link between education and career.

Career and Experiential Learning (CEL)

If you have any questions about career mentoring, please send an email to