TRU Distinguished Alumni Nomination

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2024 TRU Distinguished Alumni Awards

TRU proudly presents its Distinguished Alumni Awards, a prestigious program that celebrates the exceptional achievements and contributions of its graduates on regional, national, and international platforms.

The Alumni Association has honoured graduates since 1995. Through this program, TRU recognizes those who have made significant impacts in their professions, communities, and society-at-large, embodying the university's values of excellence, innovation, and service. The Distinguished Alumni Awards showcase the diverse talents and accomplishments of TRU's alumni network, inspiring current and future generations to reach new heights of success and make meaningful contributions to the world.

Terms of Reference

I. Confidentiality

All submissions received will be kept confidential by the selected committee members of the TRU Alumni Department, Board of Directors.

II. Timing/Selection Procedures

  1. A call for nominations will be made from May 1, 2024 – June 15, 2024
  2. The Awards committee will adjudicate based on the established criteria
  3. Award recipients will be notified by email
  4. The award recipient will work with our content specialists and video creators to create a short video and biographical interview
  5. Formal announcement set for Fall of 2024

III. Information to be submitted

A valid nomination package will consist of the following:

  1. Complete nominee application form
  2. Supporting letter(s) of reference (not to exceed three)
  3. Resume or curriculum vitae of nominee
  4. Other relevant supporting documentation
    (newspaper/magazine articles, awards or recognitions)

Alumni nominated for recognition are defined as anyone who has been awarded a certificate, degree, diploma, has earned 30 or more credits towards a university transfer program from Thompson Rivers University, University College of the Cariboo, Cariboo College, or BC Open University.

Contact us at:

IV. Eligibility and Selection Criteria

  1. These awards recognize a level of excellence and/or outstanding contributions, of alumni, at a regional, national or international level, within their industry, profession, community or society-at-large
  2. Nominees for the Distinguished Alumni: must have attended Cariboo College, UCC, TRU or BC Open University and have received a degree, diploma, certificate or post-baccalaureate. Additionally, alumni who earned 30 credits toward a university transfer program when the institution was Cariboo College or UCC qualify as alumni
  3. Persons currently serving in the positions listed below may not be considered as eligible nominees:
    1. Active politicians
    2. Current TRU Alumni Department Board of Directors
    3. Current administration of TRU
  4. The candidate(s) selected to receive the Distinguished Alumni Award must fulfill promotional obligations in order to be recognized

V. Distinguished Alumni Obligations

An alumni selected to be recognized as a Distinguished Alumni of TRU must fulfill the following:

  1. One completed Consent Form
  2. Work with TRU and contracted videographers and writers to produce a video outlining their achievements and connection to TRU
  3. Work with TRU writers to produce newsroom stories/articles for use by TRU about their achievements
  4. Recognized alumni will be listed in the TRU list of Distinguished Alumni online in perpetuity.