TRUGen offers a wide range of sequencing services customized for your genomics needs, from fundamental discovery research to high throughput industrial applications. The TRUGen team has extensive hands on experience with experimental design, sequencing and data analysis, and offers a friendly genomics experience for novices and experts alike.

Core services — Ion S5 XL, Oxford Nanopore, QuantStudio3 qPCR

  • De novo bacterial and yeast genome sequencing and assembly
  • Microbial community analysis (bacterial and fungal amplicon sequencing)
  • Microbial metagenome sequencing
  • Plant metabarcoding and chloroplast genome sequencing
  • AmpliSeq panel design and validation
  • Ion AmpliSeq NGS Panels (human, mouse and 10 other species)
  • Insect, amphibian and fish metabarcode sequencing
  • eDNA extraction and analysis (quantitative real time PCR)
  • Field sampling

Training services — seminars and field training

  • Field sampling (water, soil, sediment, air), storage and shipment
  • DNA and RNA extraction
  • Sequencing library preparation and quality control
  • Hands-on sequencing and qPCR

Field sampling supplies

  • Customized eDNA sampling kits available for environmental consultants