Pricing and Collaboration

TRUGen offers a range of pricing options and will develop the best package for your needs. If you are uncertain of how genomics can work for you, we will help you identify the most cost effective approach to getting the data and analytics you need — even if that means putting you in touch with a larger sequencing centre.

Academic pricing

We are happy to work on collaborative projects at or below cost in order to get trainees involved in projects, presentations and publications. We enjoy hosting students and scientists at TRUGen to get them hands-on experience with preparing and sequencing their own samples.

TRUGen collaborates with academic partners across Canada, Europe, the Middle East and South America, with interests in areas such as environmental remediation, climate change, rumen genomics and human health.

Industrial partnerships

TRUGen has significant experience working with local, national and international non-profits, governments and industries through industrial research partnership programs. We are currently working with partners in the following sectors:

  • Agriculture (plants and animals, pest detection)
  • Bioremediation
  • Environmental consulting
  • Fisheries
  • Food, beverage and brewing
  • Human health
  • Mining and mine reclamation
  • Natural health products

There are many industrial funding opportunities and tax benefits available that TRUGen can help you with:

TRUGen is well situated in the interior of British Columbia for rapid turnaround of critical samples, and can develop pipelines for statistical analyses to allow your industry to make quick process decisions based on your genomic data.