Inclusion, Accessibility, Maps and Services

We are doing our best to make this year’s conference as inclusive and accessible as possible. If you are in need of information or accommodations that are not provided here, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

 Campus and Conference Maps
 Ablution Stations

Old Main Building, in the Student Street main bathrooms (on the first floor at the major hallway intersection west of Starbucks, adjacent to the Breastfeeding and Parenting room.

 All Gender Washrooms

There are two designated all-gender washrooms on campus:

• In the Old Main Building on the first floor at the hallway intersection on the far west side of Student Street, near the main washrooms.

• On the first floor of the Campus Activity Centre, across from the Member Services Desk.


On the first floor of the Campus Activity Centre, in the Rotunda beside the bookstore, on the first floor of the Old Main Building, across from the Starbucks on the first floor of the House of Learning, near Tim Hortons.

 Breastfeeding and Parenting Room

In the Old Main Building adjacent to the Student Street bathrooms. The door has a code that is available at the registration desk or OM 1631. More information:

 Change Tables (Infant)

There are some infant change tables available on campus, including on the third floor of the CAC and inside the Breastfeeding and Parenting Room.

 Change Tables (Adult)

There is one adult change table on campus, located on the second floor of the Old Main Building next to OM 2674.


The conference will involve challenging dialogues that include addressing issues of colonialism, discrimination, and inequity. We are honoured that Registered Clinical Counsellor Skylar Sitka-Sage has offered to make herself available for participants who may need mental health support during the conference. Skylar has been dedicated to cultivating individual and community capacity for over 24 years as a registered clinical counsellor, educator and community psychology practitioner. Her practice is trauma/violence-informed, intentionally integrating therapies such as Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) and DBT/MBCT (Mindfulness-Based CBT) to address the unique growth of TRU students through individual and group counselling as well as psycho-educational/experiential workshops. See also:

Contact information: Phone: 250-828-5027, Email:, Office: House of Learning Room HL 146

 Cplul’kw’ten / The Gathering Place

Also known as House 5, Cplul’kw’ten is a welcoming Indigenous centre on campus. For more information, visit:

 Indigenous and Intercultural Offices

Indigenous Student Development and Intercultural Learning share space in House 4, next to Cplul’kw’ten. Kyra Garson, Amie McLean, and Harminder Padda have the Intercultural Learning Offices upstairs. Matty Chillihitzia, Indigenous Mentor and Community Coordinator, has her office downstairs.

 Medical Clinic

Old Main – Lower Level Room OM 1461. More information:

 Multi-Faith Prayer Rooms

Second Floor of the Old Main Building

North Room: OM 2496

South Room: OM 2494

More information:

 Scent-Reduced Environment

TRU is committed to maintaining a scent-reduced environment. For more information:

 Sharps Disposal

The Medical Centre, Old Main – Lower Level Room OM 1461.

 Wellness Centre

Old Main Building Room OM 1479. More information:

 Wheelchair Accessible Showers

Wheelchair accessible showers are available in the gym, on the first floor of the Trades and Technical Building, and on the lower floor of the House of Learning.