Meet the Team

  • Dr. Kyra Garson

    Dr. Kyra Garson (she/her/hers)
    Intercultural Coordinator


    Kyra is an educator and faculty developer who is passionate about intercultural learning, inclusive pedagogies, and combating discrimination in educational spaces. Her research interests include critical pedagogies, multicultural group work and critical internationalization studies. Kyra’s doctoral study entitled “Are we graduating Global Citizens?” received the Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education’s dissertation of the year award in 2014. In 2011, the Canadian Bureau for International Education selected her to receive the Internationalization Award for her work with faculty to intercuturalize the curriculum. In 2017, she was awarded the Distinguished Leadership Award by the British Columbia Council for International Education. In 2020 she received TRU’s Excellence in Interculturalization Award.

  • Dr. Amie McLean

    Dr. Amie McLean (she/her/hers)
    Intercultural Coordinator


    Amie is a sociologist, writer, educator and parent whose academic interests are on equity and social justice issues in Canadian post-secondary education and work. Her perspective is rooted in anti-racist, anti-colonial feminist thought, with an expanding focus on disability studies. She has published on post-secondary funding policies for Indigenous students, neoliberalisation and trucking industry regulation, and the racialized politics of mobility among long haul truckers. Amie previously served as Co-Chair of the Learning at Intercultural Intersections: Towards Equity, Inclusion, and Reconciliation international conference and co-edited a resulting special issue in the Journal of Intercultural Studies. She sits on a wide range of committees focused on equity, diversity, and inclusion and engages in community advocacy work related to these topics.

  • Samreena Noor

    Samreena Noor (she/her/hers)
    Intercultural Administrative Assistant (Co-op)


    Samreena is originally from Zimbabwe and is currently pursuing a major in Economics and Political Science at TRU. As a Co-op student with the Intercultural Learning Department, Samreena will draw on her previous experiences supporting students in both secondary and post-secondary environments, and on her skills in the areas of culture, disability, and mental health. She has years of previous experience as an Administrative Assistant and has engaged in non-profit work, such as being a Support Worker for the Canucks Autism Network. She has been repeatedly recognized for high academic achievement by making the TRU Dean’s List. Samreena’s dedication to supporting students stems from her belief in the power of young voices within our educational community. Acknowledging the importance of equity, inclusion, and diversity, she finds inspiration in literature such as Martin Luther King Jr.s’ ‘Strive Towards Freedom.” It is a powerful book that reinforces my commitment to creating a society that embraces these values.

  • JIANG Yujie

    JIANG Yujie* (she/her/hers)
    IUSC Research Assistant


    JIANG Yujie is a first-year Master of Education student at TRU. In her role as IUSC Research Assistant, she collaborates with the Intercultural Understanding Sub-Committee of Senate to research and report on intercultural understanding performance indicators at TRU. She has been especially involved in research relating to intercultural narratives, having successfully collaborated on a research ethics application and survey creation, she is further engaging in data generation, analysis, and dissemination of results.

    As an Intercultural Ambassador at TRU, Yujie enjoys intercultural learning about equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), Indigenous cultures, active witnessing, and intercultural communication. She also practices her intercultural awareness and development in many volunteer activities in the community. During this journey, she works to improve her cultural self-awareness by learning more about her own culture. Passionate about foreign language teaching, she wants to integrate intercultural education into language teaching to help foster intercultural development among her students.

* In many regions of the world, name order does not follow the Given Name, Family Name order that is common in Canada. In much of China, where Yujie is from, family name comes before given name. Since Canadian name order is enshrined in law and custom, many folks from international pathways face pressure or have no choice but to change their name order. We are striving for a TRU where all names and name orders are welcomed and spoken. Learn more.

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