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Fentanyl Information: Stay safe no matter what you do.

There’s been a lot of news about people dying from fentanyl overdoses. The drug is being mixed with all kinds of street drugs and only a few grains can be fatal. It’s impossible to detect; you can’t see, smell or taste it.

TRU wants everyone in our community to be safe. Please read our message about the rising number of deaths linked to street drugs and the resources you can go to for help.

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Freaking out? Learn how to manage stress and still be a successful student.


Pigging out? Check out easy recipes and nutrition tips for university students.


Look for one of our fun and educational events on campus throughout the year.


Find out how important sleep is and how you can sleep better.

Wellness Updates

Nicole’s Notes: Saying yes to the student experience

   Thursday, December 13 2018

Work-study student Nicole Stanchfield shares some of her ah-ha moments learned over the semester.

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Nicole’s Notes: Spilling the tea about consent

   Thursday, November 22 2018

Work Study student Nicole Stanchfield discusses the Consent Tea from a survivor's perspective.

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Nicole’s Notes: Top tips for self-care and cozy productivity

   Monday, November 5 2018

Work Study student Nicole Stanchfield discusses the many ways to prevent the flu - and how to maintain productivity if you do catch a bug.

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Sleep Centre Clinic aims to put more people to sleep

   Friday, October 12 2018

The TRU Sleep Centre Clinic is the only student-run sleep clinic in Canada.

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Reflections of an almost graduate: “Brain” and the battles within ourselves

   Tuesday, April 10 2018

BBA Marketing student Chantal Cadorette reflects on the recent Live at TRU series presentation Brain: a monologue by Brendan McLeod.

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Leadership lessons learned from the sidelines

   Wednesday, March 28 2018

Winner of the 2018 Neil Russell Student Leadership Award, student-athlete Kaitlin Lomas reflects on learning through challenges.

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Reflections of an almost graduate: creating space to clear your head

   Wednesday, February 7 2018

Fourth-year student Chantal Cadorette shares what TRU has to offer in order to increase motivation, confidence and organization.

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